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Shulkin, no longer muzzled, plays Trump's White House

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Veterans Affairs' fired secretary claims he's been politically plundered:" It should not be that hard to serve your country. "

The ousted veteran Secretary of State David Shulkin staggering

Instead of disappearing into the darkness like others, the shorthand By President Donald Trump, Shulkin is using his dismissal as an opportunity to step into the limelight: Shulkin freed himself publicly from the pressures to serve in the Trump administration – and loudly – what he considers a disastrous reason for privatization

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Within hours of Trump's announcement via Twitter that he would replace Shulkin with the White House doctor, Ronny Jackson, the newly hired Secretary h published an interview in the New York Times and conducted an interview with NPR.

Shulkin shoots the script after an unspoken rule in Washington, Cabinet Secretaries, and other high-level administrative officials should dismiss their grievances out of respect for the president. But Trump's unconventional presidency, spewed out by a number of former ex-employees, calls this long-standing practice into question.

Former Trump administration officials blaspheme the president and his team anonymously to reporters. And a small number has started to document it.

Former chief strategist Steve Bannon infuriated Trump after his critical comments in Michael Wolff's latest book came to light. The former White House assistant, Omarosa Manigault Newman, went to the reality show Big Brother after she was fired where she repeatedly looked at her colleagues in the White House.

By contrast, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, also fired on Twitter, has said little about his own differences with Trump and only hinted at his disappointment with farewell speeches to State Department officials calling Washington "rogue city" ,

For his part, Shulkin accused his fall of "the aspirations of the people who want to place VA care in the hands of the private sector", which he rejects and laments that political power. The struggle for his department made it harder to lead and lead the VA improve.

"They saw me as a barrier to privatization that needed to be removed," Shulkin wrote in his recently published New York Times report after midnight on Thursday. "As I prepare to leave the government, I have a recurrent thought: It should not be so hard to serve your country."

Shulkin's firing on Wednesday came after weeks of speculation that he served as a VA secretary, the recent changes in human resources include the dismissal of Tillerson, the business consultant Gary Cohn, and the national security adviser HR McMaster. Shulkin was the only remnant of the Obama administration that continued to serve under Trump after leading the Veterans Health Administration for two years before his confirmation as a VA secretary.

Shulkin, according to aides, lost Trump's trust and angered senior government officials. They were shocked when Shulkin told reporters that he had the blessing of the White House to cleanse his department of his internal critics. Even as they countered the rumors that Trump would dismiss other high-ranking members of his government, White House aides long ago dispensed with stories of Shulkin being on thin ice with the president.

Trump announced Shulkin's shooting on Twitter and wrote, "I am grateful for Dr. David Shulkin's service to our country and to our GREAT VETERANS!"

Shulkin had come under criticism in recent months after a report by the Inspector General had accused him of accepting tickets for the Wimbledon tennis tournament and using his staff in the VA to arrange a sightseeing tour of Denmark England. Shulkin thanked the VA for the alleged wrongdoing and hinted in his comment that he had been the victim of political punishment.

"I am a doctor, not a politician, I came to the government with the understanding that Washington may be ugly, but I assumed that I could avoid all the ugliness by remaining true to my values," he wrote. "I was falsely accused of people trying to get me out of the way."

The former VA secretary justified his argument against the privatization of health care for veterans of the country, a goal he said in the Trump administration. The private sector, Shulkin said, was "ill prepared" to deal with the health care of veterans, who are numerous and have specific needs that are different from the general population. On the other hand, the VA has an understanding of veterans' health issues and has done "groundbreaking research" that, taken together, can not easily be reproduced by the private health system.

"I believe that differences in philosophy deserve robust debates, and solutions should be determined on the basis of arguments, but advocates within the administration for the privatization of V.A., however, health services reject this approach," Shulkin wrote. "I believe that privatization is a political issue that rewards selected people and businesses with profits, even if it undermines the care of veterans."

Speaking to NPR, Shulkin threw even more subtle criticism of the administration, claiming he was not entitled to defend himself after reporting on his trip to Europe.

"There was nothing inappropriate about this trip, and I was not allowed to make an official statement or even answer that from the White House," he said. "I think that was really only used in a political context to make sure that I was not as effective as a leader."

And he referred to reports that political representatives of the White House worked against him from within his own department

"We have done so much, but in recent months that has really changed," Shulkin said. "Not by Congress, but by those internal political appointees who tried to politicize VA and make sure our progress stopped. It was very difficult."

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