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Sightseeing boat sinks on the Danube in Hungary

"Out of 33 South Koreans, 7 were rescued, 19 expatriates were rescued, and 7 were declared dead," the South Korean Foreign Ministry said. According to CNN member ATV, the service confirmed that at least seven people are dead and "over 13 "ATV crew on site, the tourist boat crashed with another large tourist boat and capsized at 22 hours local time (16 clock MEZ) Wednesday near the Hungarian Parliament building and the Elizabeth Bridge in the city center.

People were rescued from the river more than a mile downstream near the Petofi Bridge, ATV reported.

The South The Korean embassy in Hungary sent a local response team to assess the situation and provide consular assistance, the South Korean ministry said.

The tourist boat ̵

1; the mermaid – was a ship of the tourist fleet of Panorama Deck on the Danube. Panorama Deck spokesman Mihaly Toth told CNN.

  Rescue teams gather on the banks of the Danube in downtown Budapest.

There "There was no sign of a possible problem with the boat," the spokesman said. Panorama Deck "ensures that all necessary technical maintenance is done every year," he added.

"We can not confirm why the boat sank – it was just an average day, and this was a regular trip – we do thousands of tourist boat trips a day, there was no sign that this could happen," said the spokesman.

According to Toth, the Mermaid ship has been in operation since 2003.

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