Sinead O & Connor announces conversion to Islam; The plane carrying Harry and Meghan breaks off the landing, flies around; Paraguay candidate wins, then fainting at beauty contest. (October 26th)

The Irish singer Sinead O & # 39; Connor, who in 1992 broke a photo of Pope John Paul II in protest against the Catholic Church on "Saturday Night Live" says she has converted to Islam.

The "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer, who now goes by the name of Shuhada & # 39; Davitt, revealed the news via Twitter on October 19, in writing, "This is to announce that I'm proud to be Muslim This is the natural conclusion of every journey of an intelligent theologian, all the scriptures leading to Islam, making all other scriptures superfluous. "

O & Conn's spiritual journey has led them to speak out against the sexual abuse scandals in their home country to be ordained a priest of the Irish Orthodox and Apostolic Church, an independent group.

In 2000, she announced that she was a lesbian in an interview, only to go back later. She said that although she had some relationships with women, "I'm not in a box with any description"

More recently, O & Connor has made headlines about her mental health problems. In November 2015, she pronounced a suicide threat against Facebook for custody matters. The following May, she was missing for a day before appearing in a Chicago suburb.

In 2017, she sat down for an interview with Dr. Ing. Phil in his talk show on the day she showed that her emotional problems had been triggered by the hormonal effects of a radical hysterectomy

"I was instructed to hospital two days after surgery with Tylenol and without hormone replacement and without guidance leave what could happen to me, "she recalls. "I was thrown into surgical menopause, hormones were everywhere, I became very suicidal, I was a basket case, I was mental after the hysterectomy."

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