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French police collide with demonstrators of the "yellow vest" on Champs Elysees

PARIS: Police fired on Saturday (8 December) demonstrations against "yellow vest" in central Paris at the start of a planned demonstration against the high cost of living under President Emmanuel Macron tear gas.

A police spokeswoman told reporters there were about 1,500 demonstrators on the Champs Elysees, and authorities said 127 people had been arrested after police found weapons such as hammers, baseball bats and petanque metal bullets.

  Protesters in yellow west in front of French gendarmes during a national day of protest

Protesters in yellow west stand at a national day of protesting the "yellow west" in Paris, France, on December 8, 2018. (Photo: Reuters / Benoit Tessier)

Hundreds of demonstrators romp around the Arc de Triomphe monument, which was stained with graffiti last Saturday when Rioters also burned cars and plundered shops.

We will do everything we can to make today a day without violence, so that the dialogue that we started this week can be continued under the best possible circumstances, "said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on French television.

Tuesday Philippe announced the government suspended scheduled tax hikes for at least six months to defuse the weeks of protest, the first turn of Macron since he took office 18 months ago.

About 89,000 The police were arrested on Saturday stationed all over France, about 8,000 of them in Paris.

"We have prepared a robust response," Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told online news site Brut, calling for peaceful demonstrators not to mingle with "hooligans." 19659002] "The troublemakers can only be effective if they disguise themselves as yellow vests. Violence is never a good way to get what you want. Now is the time for discussion, "he said.

" If you are not aggressive, we will not be aggressive, "said a masked policeman who used yellow plastic flowers as a protester to stick to police officers.

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  The French CRS riot police arrests a man in a street near the station Saint Lazare during a nation.

The French CRS riot police takes a man in A street near the station Saint Lazare during a national day festival in protest of the "Yellow West" movement in Paris, France, December 8, 2018. (Photo: Reuters / Benoit Tessier)


Much of Paris looked like a ghost town Saturday, museums, department stores closed, what should have been a pre-Christmas holiday shopping day.

There was we few tourists, and residents were advised to stay at home as much as possible. Dozens of streets were closed to traffic, while the Eiffel Tower and world-famous museums such as the Musee d & # 39; Orsay, the Center Pompidou and the Louvre were closed.

Many stores were boarded up to avoid looting and street furniture. Site materials were removed to prevent them from being used as projectiles.

"We came here to march peacefully so as not to smash things, we want equality, we want to live, not survive," said Guillaume Le Grac. 28, who works in a slaughterhouse in the town of Guingamp in Brittany.

Protesters have charged the weekend with social media in a dramatic challenge to Macron and his policies.

The protest After the warning jackets that French drivers have to hold in their cars broke out in November due to budget cuts caused by fuel taxes.

Since then, demonstrations have become a broad, sometimes violent rebellion against Macron, a challenge more difficult to handle, since the movement has no formal leader.

Authorities say the protests were abducted by right-wing extremist and anarchist elements who chose violence and caused social unrest in a direct attack on Macron and the security forces.

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