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Huawei's $ 54 mobile phone promo demonstrates the power of "Kiasuism"

Ever heard of this saying in Singapore? "Hell has no anger like a despised Elder". Obviously, Huawei did not do so because they completely botched their entire promotional event for their phones. In particular, all of their publicity was based on the upcoming 54th National Holiday and was aimed at native people during or around the Merdeka Generation, who adapted their Huawei Y6 Pro Smartphone from its original price of $ 198 SGD Has reduced 54 SGD.

In the meantime, you must have heard how spectacularly angry angry uncles have failed, and aunts who rioted in various Huawei stores in Singapore.

Obviously, the thinking process behind the entire promotion was not accompanied by adequate research. The promotion was carried out not only with the intention to attract Singaporeans but also over 50 year olds. Bad idea.

Kiasu ism is a well-known feature shared by many Singaporeans. It is branded at the genetic level. Anything new or cheap, we can not help but get it. it is an instinct at this point. I mean, you're talking about the same people who plush at McDonald's for Hello Kitty and wait for coldplay tickets for hours – yes, that's right, Coldplay of all bands.

In fact we Singaporeans have a long history with the art of the queue. If you include older people, it's a breeze.

Over the years, their senses have become those of a bloodhound looking for good deals, and they have been battle-tested to withstand hours-even days-of the queue.

Do not be misled by the old aunt on the MRT who has been watching your seat. She probably has quads that make even Roberto Carlos blush. And as soon as they smell a deal, they transform into Shazam as fast as Billy Batson, except that instead of "Shazam!" " Lobang !"

say that if Huawei's first mistake was to underestimate their determination when they made good business, the next underestimated their numbers.

According to Huawei, around 2,000 units have been made available for promotion across the island, which they believe has more than been enough to sell. Each store also stored different amounts based on sales records in the store, which meant that small shopping centers had fewer goods in stock. Did you think that there will not be many old people for this deal? Eh, Singapore aging population leh!


In any case, this incident has widened the list of bad news that will infect the company this year, what with the US trade sanctions and everything. The fact that this action was associated with the celebrations of the 54th National Day adds a bit of bad taste.

Some might say that this is actually a good thing, and point to the popular phrase, "There is no bad advertising," but people are more than capable of recognizing when a company is grossly incompetent in its planning was.

But somehow I feel sorry for Huawei. Yeah, they did not handle the ad at all, but we really should not feel justified just because we're in the queue for hours.

I've seen a number of complaints about the locals on the Chinese tech giant Facebook page, where most blame the company for keeping old people waiting for nothing.

There is even a commentator who accuses Huawei of having queued up his mother in vain, even though she has recently undergone knee surgery. Was it so important to buy a cheap phone that you might hurt yourself? Our health systems are good but not cheap. You can not save yourself from the costs!

The only positive news is that this debacle apparently only upset the people of this age group. We teenagers just sit back and laugh about the whole situation, not involved at all. Our Lobang is more about Starbucks one-to-one business.

Huawei was also very angry throughout the situation. Admitting the mistake was a good first step, but they also assured that around 5,000 affected consumers who registered their data in stores received a SG $ 100 voucher that could be used on selected Huawei products (Y6 Pro, Nova 3i, P30 Pro, P30, P30 Lite, Mate 20X, Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20). Huawei has confirmed to us that, as of tomorrow ( 2 August ), the data subjects will be informed of further details regarding the redemption of the vouchers.

  Huawei Store Phone Price

Ironically, the Y6 Pro is currently undergoing an action that reduced its price from SGD 198 to SG 148. If you use the coupon, it will be reduced to only SG $ 48, less than the SG $ 54 price. Wah lau these poor old people who have managed to put the phone in the queue for nothing!

It is unlikely that this incident will prevent Huawei from returning with another promotion. They will probably overwinter until people forget it before they negotiate a new deal for their equipment.

In fact, celebrating the 55th National Day next year is an excellent time for a salvation. "New Year, New Me", as they always say. And with that extra year of experience, I hope they've learned a lesson from underestimating the older generation and having a decent amount of money for the occasion.

You should also include a Starbucks Individual Contract. [19659002] Photos of Soloman Soh by the DANAMIC team .

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