Taking a Whitney Houston song is a risky undertaking for any musician, but on Tuesday it paid for "America's Got Talent" candidate Glennis Grace.

The 39-year-old inspired the "AGT" judges and studio audiences with a moving version of Houston's legendary "Run to You."

"Since I was a little kid, I knew I had to was forced to sing for a lot more people. I'm a bit nervous just to sing for you and you, "she said before she appeared and listened to the judges and audience.

Only seconds later, the native Dutchman dominated the stage in a cool, confident atmosphere won the votes of all four judges and received a rare smile from the demanding Judge Simon Cowell and standing ovations from the rest of the judges and the theater audience.

"I'm sitting here thinking you look great, you sound incredible," Cowell said, "I feel as if I already saw a star. "

Judge Mel B supported Cowell's praise, but urged Grace to go on:" It's almost as if you sounded exactly like Whitney Houston. I want you to take Whitney Houston, to embody her, but then I want to see more of you. "

Grace said that as a child she lacked self-confidence and had trouble observing her parents' rocky marriage, she now has her own 11-year-old son.

"The the only reason you're not a star is that we did not see you and we did not hear you, "Judge Howie Mandel said," how happy we are that we see tonight exploding on this stage. Not only did you make yourself proud, you made your son proud.

Grace said her son was the reason she was on the stage of the NBC talent competition.

"He believes in me so much that it's inspired me," AGT & # 39; 39; "It's the most important thing to have your support – otherwise I would not do that. I want to show my son that you always have to go for your goals and your dreams because dreams come true.

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