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Siri recordings 'regular' sent to Apple contractors for analysis, claims whistleblowers – TechCrunch

Apple has joined the dubious company of Google and Amazon in secretly sharing contractors' audio recordings with its users, confirming the practice with the Guardian after a whistleblower brought it to the outlet. The person said that Siri queries are routinely to human listeners for closer analysis, something not disclosed in Apple's privacy policy.

The recordings are reportedly not associated with an Apple ID, but can be several seconds long, include content of a personal

Like the other companies, Apple says it is being collected and analyzed by humans to improve its services facility by workers bound by confidentiality agreements.

Apple said The Guardian is less than 1

% of daily average, so is the speed of the conversation queries.

This "small portion" of Siri's requests is apparently randomly chosen, and as the whistleblower notes,

Some of these activations of Siri will have accidental, which is one of the things listeners are trained to listen for and identify.

Only in the last month it has come out that it has been accidentally recorded Alexa queries, indefinitely retains that audio.

Apple's privacy policy regarding non-personal information (under which Siri queries would fall):

We may collect and store details of how you use our services, including search queries. This information may be provided by our services.

It's conceivable that the phrase "search queries" is inclusive of recordings of search queries , And it does say that it shares some data with third parties. But nowhere it is simply stated that you ask your phone to be posted and shared with a stranger. Nor is there any way for users to opt out of this practice.

Given Apple's focus on privacy and transparency, this seems like a major, and obviously a deliberate, oversight. I've contacted Apple for more details and will update this post when I hear back.

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