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Siri's definition of "mother" is just a bit inappropriate | News and opinion

As some Reddit users have recently learned, the request from Apple's voice-controlled personal assistant to define the word "mother" leads to an explicit response.

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When Mother's Day starts on May 13, you may be thinking about what it means to be a mother. But if you ask Siri to define the word, you might be in for a shock.

As some Reddit users recently learned, Apple's voice-controlled personal assistant turns the word "mother" into a shockingly inappropriate second answer. 1

9659004] "As a noun it means a woman in relation to a child or children she has given birth to – do you want to hear the next one?" Siri answers. If you say "yes" to hear the next definition of the word, things will become funny.

"As a noun it means" Shortly, shit, do you want to hear one more thing? "Siri's potty mouth responds. If you have an iOS device, you can try it yourself; if not, watch the video below.

Apple has responded to the request from PCMag does not respond immediately, as Sir Gizmodo points out, the shameful answer comes from the Oxford Dictionary, which offers "short for motherfucker" as the second definition of the word.

Siri is known for his sometimes cheeky answers, ask Siri "What is zero, divided by zero? "and you're ready for an Earlful:

" Imagine you have zero cookies and you divide them equally among zero friends, "says Siri." How many cookies does each person get? Do you see? It makes no sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies. And you're sad that you do not have any friends. "

Meanwhile, a virus prank is encouraging people to say" Hey Siri, 108 "into their iPhones last year, and it turns out that India is equal to 9-1 -1, so if you say that number to Siri, it will take you to emergency services in your area, and law enforcement agencies urged users not to fall in love with the prank and warned that they could tie emergency services.

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