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Sister Jean holds a Final Four press conference and it's "like Tom Brady in the Super Bowl"

Loyola's sister Jean Dolores Schmidt answers questions during a press conference in the Final Four. (1

9659002) SAN ANTONIO – Of all the gatherings in all of the previous 80 Final Fours, one of the most unexpected ones came on Friday morning when Media Breakout Room 3 filled its walls with reporters, cameras, and television cameras for the arrival of a 98-year-old nun.

"If you looked in the media room, you would have thought she was one of us," Donte Ingram, the Overseer of Loyola Chicago

"I walked by, I thought it looked like Tom Brady in the Super Bowl "said coach Porter Moser.

"Are you ready to go?" Moderated Mark Fratto sharply at 9:55.

"Oh, believe it better," said Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt, the establishment of Loyola University Chicago, the chaplain for their suddenly and wildly famous basketball team, and a star whose splendor shines through the intoxicating Ramblers to a National Semifinal Square vs. Michigan

Over the next 15 minutes, she marveled at her view of all the cameras. "I never imagined two or three," she said, "let alone this big group, everything just seemed to explode, and I could never tell you how it happens, it's just as if students go to universities, before they are recorded when they're in high school, I always tell them that something magical happens, you do not know what it is, but you know that you belong there.

"And when I got nervous, When all this happened, I said to myself, Well, I tell others, it's magical and so easy go and do it. "And it's a big thrill for me to be here this morning and all of you, and you know what? I'm not a little nervous."

She called the whole thing and the whole Final Four ran "the most fun "I had in my life", a life of such unusual duration that she could remember with precision the famous Loyola-Cincinnati National Title game from 1963 when she was 42 years old. She did not go to Louisville for the game, but she looked "on a small 11-inch black and white TV" with a delay. "And because we did not have phones or tweets or anything like that," she said, "nobody told us we won, so we watched the game as if it were live for us."

And then: "And then everyone went out of the house and walked along the line along Sheridan Road [beside the campus] men and women."

She marveled at the communication like few.

"We did not have all those fancy things, digital media, all the things that seem to make it easy," she said. "The fact that you can take me [on TV] to a place like this when I'm not even there makes it look like I'm visiting the main camera in New York or any other city, and then you're sitting in me the Gentile Center in Loyola and you have someone else in another place and it looks like we're all together I'm amazed.

"I'm not in communication, but I just have to say something aside if I can. Two years ago, a student came to me "- she has a familiar office at the Women's Student Center -" and said, "I have to make a paper for communication, Sister Jean, I could interview you and learn about the changes in your life ? "And I said to her," How long, do you think that will take? "She said," About fifteen minutes. "Me" In ninety-six years, "because I was that old," I could do it in fifteen minutes Much talk? "I said," We should have at least an hour. "

Asked about The Challenge, which was taken by Jalen Rose's 100-year-old grandmother and her Michigan fanatic, Sister Jean said: "I saw it on Facebook the other day. I also heard that she said she wants to get me, so we'll see. Someone said, "Maybe you need a pair of boxing gloves," and I said, "We'll see what happens." I hope we see each other. I hope we meet there. I love to meet people.

When asked about her basketball prayer strategy, she said, "I like to pray for both teams, especially the fans who now hear me, that I'm partly on one side, but only partially, because at the end of the prayer I always ask God if the scoreboard indicates that the Ramblers have the big W.

And a question on how to see her image on socks and other equipment In addition to this bobblehead doll, she emphasized that she did not "take pride" when she added a slight correction. The first bobbleheads, she said, had long since appeared, for a game against Milwaukee, which Loyola Chicago played on the street in December.

Then she broke off and continued, "I think the company could retire when they're done with me."

Laughter filled the room.

At 10:10 am after 15 of the faster minutes, Fratto announced the end of the rarest sessions, after which Sister Jean said, "I could stay for an hour." She told the assembled media, "You are great people, and let Nobody ever knock you down at any point. "

Soon, Moser was on the show stage," I have an original Bobblehead. "

It was a morning.

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