If you have received Red Dead Redemption 2, we have tips and advice to help you

For more than a week, the video game "Red Dead Redemption 2" has become a bestseller and critics.

You want to know how the West can be won in Rockstar Games? Open world adventure? We've put together some advice and tips from Rockstar Brain Trust and video game journalists who reviewed the game to make your exploration easier in Red Dead Redemption 2 ($ 60, for Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4, age group 17-up) ,

Warehouseman At the beginning of the game, your protagonist Arthur Morgan and the rest of the Van der Linde gang lined up in the mountainous Horseshoe Overlook. If you make money, you should use the stock to improve the stock, says Matt Bertz, editor-in-chief of Game Informer, who has reviewed the game for the site. "It creates the ability to store horses, supply valuable supplies such as ammunition, and travel directly from your warehouse," he said.

Arthur Gies, who reviewed the game for Variety, agrees. "Promote your level 3 camp to unlock fast travel … (is) one of the most important tips I can think of," he said. "It's still limited to a pretty small number of points around the world, but it can save a lot of time in different places."

Exploring the impressive landscapes of the horse is a pleasure, but sometimes you want to go somewhere fast. When your camp is upgraded, "you can quickly travel from the gang camp to one of the cities you've visited before," said Bertz.

When upgrading your camp, make sure you have ammunition and health-promoting resources on hand.

Further progress on the journey . If you go with the gang, you can let your horse follow the crew automatically. Just hold down the Run button (X on PS4 or A on Xbox One) and that will speed up your horse, and it will not get so tired if you press the button regularly to keep up.

When you start building your system You can get tired of holding down the Run button through the different regions. "Red Dead 2" has an app that can solve the problem.

Before setting out on a trip, set a waypoint on the map. Then, while riding your horse, activate the movie camera by pressing the right stick down. Then you can release the run button and check the view. Press the right joystick to return to the traditional Third and First Person views.

Be sure to visit the train stations, as you can buy a ticket that will quickly get you to nearby train stations the train already has 19659013] Autoplay

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