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Six Ways to Develop Healthy Cannabis Habits in 2019

No matter how good the chocolate and caramel and cream taste, they should really be eaten in moderation.

If you use cannabis and cannabis products, there is a good chance that you are already using the herb to improve your health. Medical marijuana increases your appetite and helps you to find a good night's sleep. What if you want to increase your health a little for the New Year? There are good ways to do this with cannabis. Here are only six.

Use ointments infused with cannabis both before and after exercise.

Your muscles will feel sore when you push yourself, but a preventative measure, such as rubbing with THC, CBD, or a combined pre- and post-workout infusion, are on your way to more comfort and better training. Using topicals, even when infused with activated THC, will not change your mind, making it ideal for those who really want to make an effort, or who are active and enjoyable.

Cut some sugar out of your food

Check with your local pharmacies before choosing food. No matter how well the chocolates, caramel and creams taste, they should really be eaten in moderation. Nobody goes crazy and says he should cut them out completely, but maybe next time you should look for the cereal-spumed granola or make your own at home, where you have complete control over the ingredients.

Microdose and stretch

From yoga to pre- and post-workout stretching is one of the healthiest activities we can participate in as a human. Get the extra amount of stretch and let it burn you by taking either a very small amount of marijuana in edible or tincture form (5 mg or less) one hour before stretching or taking a pull out of your vape pen or pipe before. The extra stimulation takes you to the zone.

Take Your Vape Pen on a Brisk Walk

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Some of the best aspects of vape-pens are that they are very portable and not intrusive, whereas a billowing cloud of smoke can be off-putting to the public, not to mention illegal however, be aware of it at all times and use the Vape as a reward system by drawing a tie per mile or whatever dosage you are feeling comfortable with.

DIY THC creams and other infusions

Cannabis is like that versatile that it can go in almost everything with a carrier oil or other vehicle. When you feel at home, be it aching muscles or healthy, love-baked treats, you have full control over what gets into the infusion and into your system.

Reduce the Netflix and Chill-Seshes

Again, this is not a habit you have to "kick," but if you let yourself be stinked on the couch more often than you find yourself outdoors or doing art or improving Your different forms of health. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate your schedule and spend more time seshing in the ways mentioned above, or in some way that makes you feel better from the inside out.

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