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Skull Session: Braxton Miller Returns to Ohio, Malik Harrison Gives Back to Columbus, and How Ohio State's 2017 First-Round Picks Have Done

A week from today, we want to have a full evening of college football.

Folks, we're almost there.


Word of the Day: Adscititious.

BRAXTON'S BACK. Cleveland has become the fun zone with the addition of Braxton Miller.

From Scott Patsko Cleveland.com:

"I'm still here," he said. "It's an opportunity and every day to go out there and showcase your talents and get better. I converted to wide receiver. Coach (Urban) Meyer and the (Ohio State) helped me out with that. And now I'm back in my home state. "

Miller was born in Springfield, Ohio, and starred at quarterback for Huber Heights at Wayne High School before heading to Ohio State, where he was twice named Big Ten offensive player of the year. He said Wednesday that he often forgets he played.

"It's like five years in now," Miller said, "so it's like that far away."

Miller said he was using the Brown over other options because he wanted to be close to his family in Columbus, as well as in the state where he has spent so much of his life.

"Feels great. The atmosphere is different when you go out of state, different cities, "Miller said. "Just being back, breathing the air that you breathe since you've been young. You get that sense of, this is where you started. "

"Often forgets he played quarterback," huh? I uh … do not ever forget that he played quarterback. In fact, I think about it almost once a week.

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	 I deeply apologize for exposing you to pornographic content this morning, but it has to be done. "" I'm sure your superior – be it your boss or a significant other – will understand.
	 Cleveland Brown's receiving corps (that would have been one hell of a sentence six years ago), but my own eyes have seen what he can do to ankles in open space, and I say it's a shot.
	 Shit, even if you're a couple of preseason games with a vintage X-Brax play or two, I'll be eternally grateful.
	 The real question: is he ever going to throw?
	 <span class= FULL CIRCLE. As a kid, Malik Harrison took part in Ohio State's LiFEsports summer camp, which gives more than 600 underprivileged.

A few years later, Harrison is helping lead it as an intern.

From Blake Baker of OhioStateBuckeyes.com:
Becky Wade-Mdivanian, LiFEsports 'Director of Operations, said: "It's always great to see you succeed," said Becky Wade-Mdivanian, LiFEsports' director of operations. "It's great for our kids to connect with student-athletes, especially one-malik, and see how they can give back to their community."

"Malik knew how to do his own thing," said Ryan Stamper, Ohio State Football's Assistant Athletic Director for Player Development. Malik Harrison did a great job on his internship. Hey, committed to it and made it happen. "

As a senior leader for his team, Harrison sets the example for his peers. As a devoted intern and a voice representing children who could really use one.

"The first and second grade Malik Harrisons makes in Columbus or whatever other community has the same opportunities," Stamper said.

Malik Harrison's were given scholarship offers, but they have come to an end. Ohio talent can slip away like that.

BIA, IN REVIEW. Ohio State had three (four, counting Denzel Ward) first-round picks in the same secondary.

I know my spoiled ass did not appreciate that in 2016, defense is almost enough, so I'm going to try to make it better.

Here's how they've done so far, from Ali Bhanpuri of NFL.com:

PICK 11 Marshon Lattimore – CB

Grade: A | School: Ohio State

Lattimore picked up five passes in Year 1, had the second-best passer rating in corners, by PFF, and took home the Defensive Rookie of the Year award at NFL Honors. After an incredible start like that, some sort of drop-off what to expect. But Lattimore took a step back last season, breaking up half as many passes and allowing 44 percent more receiving yards than he did as a rookie. Aaron Glenn said Lattimore recognizes some of the distractions that arose after his spectacular first season affected his play in Year 2. That's the case for self-reflection and self-improvement who has every bit of the skill set he needs to be a top-10 player at his position.

PICK 15 Malik Hooker – FS

Grade: B | School: Ohio State

A rangy, ball-hawking safety who NFL Network draft guru Daniel Jeremiah raved "had the best ball skills of any safety I've ever evaluated in college," Hooker picked three passes in his first six NFL games before tearing his ACL in his seventh. Similar to Lattimore, Hooker could not keep pace with his own precedent, failing to produce the same gaudy stats as a sophomore as he had in his abbreviated rookie campaign. But interceptions and tackles are not everything, as the young safety acknowledged back in December. With a full offseason to work on his craft, a clean bill of health and a talented supporting cast, Hooker should flourish this season. The Colts have uber-talented secondary, and Hooker wants to have a chance to show it's the best of the bunch (and why the grade above is grossly premature).

PICK 24 Gareon Conley – CB

Grade: C | School: Ohio State

One of the highest-rated prospects at his position in a draft week, Conley saw his stick , the Raiders felt confident enough in the young corner's version of events that they ended his draft slide. (A grand jury would not be able to charge him in the case.) Hampered by a shin injury in the season and eventually claimed all but two games of his rookie campaign, Conley entered Year 2 with much to prove. Unfortunately, it would be worse before it got better. After playing the majority of the team's defensive snaps to start the season, Conley was on the field for just 12 total plays in Week 5 against the Chargersbefore being benchmarked outright against the Seahawks the following game. That heavy serving of humble pie seemed to go down well, however, as he returned from the team's week 7 bye seemingly a different player. From Week 8 until the end of the regular season, Conley started every game and allowed the fifth-fewest yards among CBs (at least 200 snaps). That span included two separate meetings with the Chiefs, who is limited to just 26 total yards on three catches, via PFF. With the good finally starting to outweigh the bad at Conley's young career, there's plenty of reason to believe the best yet. 21st

So we've got one "Very good!" Malik Hooker and Gareon Conley, cause there's just no way in hell those guys finish their NFL careers with "C" grades and two mostly incomplete grades.

BACK TO SCHOOL. It looks like Ryan Shazier's going to get that smart paper.

From Brian Batko of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

… When Pitt students return to campus Aug. 26 for the fall semester, they'll be able to count a very athletic classmate among them. Ohio State before entering the NFL draft a year early in 2014. Shazier is going back to school.

"I think it's really important that you have your degree, just to get the best amount of education you can get because you never know where in life you could be. … so many kids, "Shazier said," and I'm glad to help you. "

Traitor !!!!!!!!!!!!

In the midst of all seriousness, this is a great thing for Pitt while he continues to serve himself as an extra coach for the Steelers.

An a congrats is in order for the Panthers, as this is as close as they will get to the All-American linebacker this decade.

WIFI COMETH. Wi-Fi, Joey Freshwater's Ohio Stadium debut because WiFi has officially come to the 'Shoe.

From Ohio State release:

Workers will have pulled 47 miles of Copper and fiber wire throughout Ohio Stadium when the project is completed. The wire is connected to a massive number of access points – 2,009 – that started in January of this year. The installation of 4.018 antennas is also included in the project. Equipment has been seamlessly set to blend in and not break the iconic integrity of the facility.

"Ten access points could definitely cover the size of the stadium," said Zero said, "but we still need significantly more to service the Wi-Fi needs of so many fans in close proximity, plus ticketing functions and the press box , suites, club rooms, concourses and outdoor areas. "

I know Dan and Colin are pumping as brightly as they'll share Wi-Fi with 100,000+ people uploading Blair Witch-esque footage of a mediocre play to their Instagram stories. Brock blowing chunks into a trashcan in C deck. Just know that the instacap is ever late, it's because.

So, "We'll need 10, so let's do 2.009 to be safe." I'm almost in awe.

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