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Skull Session: Dwayne Haskins Redskins Rumors Parris Campbell is learning from a legend and college football's playoffs are not expanding

At the end of the day, some Buckeyes will be millionaires, and I'll do the noble job of writing about it online.


Word of the Day: Impecunious.

HASKINS TO THE SKINS So far in recent months I have heard and written rumors about Dwayne Haskins as they went to the Giants, Broncos, Bengals, Raiders and Dolphins.

Just hours before the draft, we can add another team to the rumor list.

By Justin Terranova of the New York Post:

The star quarterback in Ohio State has become the target for the Redskins who, according to ESPN.com, write at # 1

5. Washington exchanged veteran Case Keenum in this off-season, but is still looking for a quarterback of the future and his interest in trading the Cardinals for Josh Rosen fades.

Haskins has become one of the polarizing protagonists of the design, which was replaced by Kyler Murray as the top quarterback of the design and apparently crashed on some design boards. It is unclear whether the Redskins would have to rise from the first round on Haskins or if he would still sit in 15th place.

"There is definitely something in it," Haskins told NFL Network's Redskins on Monday. "I feel there is a great relationship with the Redskins. My mentor Shawn Springs played for the Redskins. Great relationship with [owner] Mr. [Daniel] Snyder and the rest of the Redskins owners. No matter which team appeals to me, I'm excited to be part of it, but in D.C. there is definitely something. "

The prevailing thought seems to be that the Redskins are actually trying to move into the top 5 selection to choose a quarterback. But her designated quarterback of choice is more … creative.

If a team intentionally lands with Daniel Jones in place of Dwayne Haskins, it earns the playoffs of the next 10 years. If a team moves to the top five and chooses Daniel Jones over Dwayne Haskins, the franchise should be forcibly taken away and instead transferred to the world's best Madden player.

From where Haskins actually comes I have no idea what really is the most entertaining way to enter the evening.

Learning from a legend. The game has changed a lot since the days of Paul Warfield, but that does not mean that the legend of the state of Ohio can not pass on some knowledge to the next big Buckeye receiver.

As for the mentors, there could not be a better one for Parris, as these two are cut from the same fabric. Warfield was fast too. In high school, people forgot that he was setting track records in the 100-yard dashboard and 180-yard hurdles, and he was also a track star in Ohio State.

If anyone can help Parris to upgrade his skills to the NFL, it's Warfield.

NO EXTENSION TALKS. For those of you who itch after playoff expansion, I have bad news: It will not happen so soon.

By Heather Dinich of ESPN:

In January, just hours before the national championship match between Alabama and Clemson, Mississippi head of state playoff president Mark Keenum issued a statement clarifying that the university presidents were unwilling to extend the playoffs to entertain the field.

"As far as the number of teams in the playoff increases, it's too early – far too early – to know if that's possible," Keenum said. "You can say that the speculation about the expansion has exceeded the reality of what the commissioners and the presidents have discussed, and if a decision is made, the presidents would make the decision, and we are not there."

They are still not.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said the statement was still valid and that his biggest driver since Wednesday's meetings was that "the College Football playoff works well".

"The four-man college football playoff has achieved exactly what was said in advance," said Sankey. "I have heard no deviation from the clients, and I think the board, the presidents, was very clear where we are."

I still have the hope to see a college football playoff game during Ohio Stadium's lifetime. A college football game after the season finale on a real college campus would be absolutely electric.

DESIGN. TERRY. MCLAURIN. This is my last call for an NFL team to select the safest player in the draft.

He probably will not A.J. Green or Julio Jones, but he is so versatile, smart and willing. If you can not find a place to give your football team an edge, you probably should not train.

Even if Terry McLaurin was a career special teammer, he would find a way to become the best special teammate and teammate in history. You just can not miss him.

DESIGN DAY CHARTS. As a scholarship holder with a marketing degree from Ohio State University, charts and data visualization really get me going. If there are some very relevant daily charts in my Twitter feed, I am obliged to share.

Here is a graphic proof that the saints are basically just the New Orleans Buckeyes:

And then there's this beautiful visualization that shows exactly when the Buckeyes began dominating the first round of the NFL Draft.

There is a chance that the state of Ohio will compete against USC today or deny most NFL draft picks in the first round.

The Buckeyes currently have 77 and the USC leads all programs with 80. Given that the first round is not a Trojan and Ohio State is anything but guaranteed, two are guaranteed, whether Parris Campbell, Dre & # 39; Mont Jones or Terry McLaurin slips into the first round, the Bucks share the record ,

LIVE ON LINKEDIN. Forget about ESPN, Fox, or the NFL network. You can now get the best possible design analysis on LinkedIn on LinkedIn.

Incredible that I was five years in business school and will be my most productive use of LinkedIn as a sports blogger of a live streamers footballer while talking about the NFL design speaks.

I do not know if that says more about me or the LinkedIn product.
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