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Skull session: Ohio State is a Tier 1 title contender, the Buckeyes could reach half of the top 10 prospects, and we remember Ohio State’s dominance over Alabama last time

There are few surprises that are sweeter than knowing that Ryan Day will have a chance to put prison shit between the ribs of a geriatric Nick Saban in front of 100,000 in Columbus’ concrete cathedral.

I understand that the game is more years away than Urban Meyer’s entire coaching career in the state of Ohio, but I have no doubt that a 76-year-old Saban will still be on the sidelines.

Word of the day: Legerity.

ANIMAL 1. In a given year, there are really only five or ten teams that you can reasonably expect to win a national title.

Many people across the country do not like to admit this and admirably believe that every team has a chance, but it is really easy to come to terms with the reality that your team is a competitor every year.

And no different this year.

… when you talk about the biggest prize of all, a national title, only a handful of teams can realistically fit into this conversation.

Even among these competitors, there is a big divergence from the likely college football playoff teams and fringe programs hoping to crash the conversation.

Today we are going to sort the national title contenders for 2020 by level. All 1

5 teams included in the 2020 blue chip ratio made the cutoff, as did several potential spoilers. Keep in mind that every champion in the Internet era has reached this blue chip ratio threshold – a list that is at least 50 percent four- and five-star recruits – making these 15 programs the most likely teams are who emerge as champions.

Tier 1

Members: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State

This level makes up five of the six national titles of the CFB playoff era. These teams are talented, deep and consistent. Alabama and Clemson have reached the playoffs in five of the last six seasons. The state of Ohio has surpassed the 11-mark for eight consecutive seasons, and has landed in the top 7 CFB playoff polls on format each year. These are the constants of college football, and nothing will change in this regard until 2020.

Clemson (Trevor Lawrence) and Ohio State (Justin Fields) claim the sport’s top two quarterbacks. Both QBs are surrounded by deep and talented rosters, the future selection rounds of which are distributed across the board. Clemson’s schedule is cheaper than any other competitor, even when traveling to South Bend in November. Ohio State has difficult street games with Oregon and Penn State. Given that many stadiums have to limit capacity due to COVID-19 concerns, these previously intimidating street games look far less daunting. The state of Ohio also avoids the best teams from the Big Ten West in the cross-division game.

I know there are a lot of people who like to downplay the role of recruiting in winning a title (which frankly makes my brain explode), but that’s what happens when your team is built on successive classes that were the top two Program history at this time, especially if you later add one of these classes to the top-rated quarterback prospects in the program history.

Imagine the team that consistently attracts the best players in the country is a multi-year national title contender.

HALF OF THE TOP 10. Despite some high profile mistakes on the recruitment path (* wheeze * – did Ryan Day lose his lead?), The state of Ohio is still in the best position to sign an absolutely absurd recruitment class for 2021.

Here’s the thing – Even after missing the # 3 player in 247Sports’ top 247, who was once 100 percent crystallized into the Buckeyes, the state of Ohio is still likely to land half of the current top 10.

The updated Top217 of 2021 has been released and the goals of the state of Ohio are everywhere in this ranking. The Buckeyes are number 1 in the country in the 247Sports Composite team’s recruitment rankings, and Ryan Day and Mark Pantoni and staff are able to expand this class on a large scale when you look at the updated Top247.

Day and his staff currently have commitments from three of the top 10 prospects in the Top247 2021. And when you look at the updated leaderboards and crystal ball, the horse chestnuts are positioned to give five of the top ten prospects in the country. Defensive Lineman J.T. Tuimoloau is number 1 in the country, and Emeka Egbuka, the broad recipient, checks in at number 8. The Buckeyes are the leaders of the crystal ball to land both. Already engaged in Ohio are defensive end Jack Sawyer, who is the country’s number 5, offensive lineman Donovan Jackson, who rose from 11th place to 6th, and TreVeyon Henderson, who rose from 13th place to 10th in the country just released updated Top247.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are four top 60 players behind them.

I vividly remember my concern that recruiting in Ohio, with Ryan Day at the helm instead of Urban Meyer, could ease a bit. Sometimes I’m happy to be an idiot.

The funny thing for me is that Ryan Day is warming up. Wait until he has a couple of natties under his belt and then ask me about his recruiting skills.

HARD BEATS. For you HBO Hard Knocks consumer, I have some good news: Joey Bosa and his desert dry sense of humor will be on your TV screen in August.

It’s not just going to be Bosa, I’m sure we’ll see a few horse chestnuts in action. I personally can’t wait to hear Buckeye legend Jake McQuaide.

REMEMBER LAST? Alabama made the ill-advised decision to come back for more after the state of Ohio slapped it in the mouth at the last meeting.

With the next meeting announced, it’s a good time to remember that the state of Ohio dominated the tide across the field, although this was a one-point game.

It is important to note that the state of Ohio had the top 5 highest rated players in the game and all five played drastically different positions. And somehow none of them was the type who ran 230 yards and two touchdowns with 20 carry.

SONG OF THE DAY. “Left Your Body” by Bad Books.

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