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Skull Session: Urban Meyer faces a loss of horse-chestnut in Maryland in 2018, breaking defense plans and further in-state hoops battles

I'm pleased to announce that I was suddenly interested in the state of Florida traineeship.

That would not be a catastrophe, but it would be a hell of a lot more fun than Willie Taggart's dumpster fire.

I mean …

Report me to hell.


Word of the day: Fey.

URBAN BRINGS US TO SCHOOL. Urban Meyer continues to build on his lead as the best college football analyst on television, and frankly, this race has not been close since the first week of the season.

At this rate, I apply for a job as an assistant and list my work experiences as "Watching Madness and Urban Meyer on TV".

A GAME WAY. For those who have successfully deleted this game from their memories, I apologize for reminding you that Ohio last year was a two-point changeover following a Maryland extra-time defeat ,

I like to remember refusing to be mad at this game because I was tired of being unhappy that my favorite football team did not win well enough, but in retrospect I should have celebrated more , Because if the Terps had converted that two-pointer, many things would have looked very different.

By Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune:

A loss would have changed Meyer's legacy. No Big Ten title, no 45-24 win over Northwestern in Indianapolis, no Rose Bowl, his only season with two defeats in Columbus. He lost twice as a double-digit favorite.

"That would have been a devastating loss," said Meyer, now an analyst for Fox Sports' "Big Noon Kickoff" pre-game show. "We escaped the fire."

He paused and added, "I actually get a little sweat on my forehead when I think about it, I would rather not."

Greenstein's assumption seems to be that Meyer was still retiring, but only in passing. I'm not really convinced that he could have ended it, especially given what Shelley Meyer said a few months later to Pete Thamel.

By Yahoo! Sports:

Following the 52:51 victory in Ohio State, Ohio, where most of the day looked and felt like defeat, Meyer embraced his wife Shelley. He remembered that she trembled and tears ran down her face. "She knew that if we did not win this game, our life and my life would be so different," he said. "When I get home, [that loss] that would take seven months."

So I think Meyer would probably have tried to train his cyst for another season, which is a whole new alternate story of its own that surely everyone has thought about at least once.

Greenstein also pointed out that a loss of the state of Ohio Michigan would have led to the Big Ten title game and possibly prevented Dwayne Haskins from receiving an invitation to the Heisman Trophy ceremony.

That's a damn butterfly effect.

For that reason, I'm a big fan of Ryan Day's approach of just shattering each team by four points to prevent the "what-if" rules from being overridden.

The next thing we have now is, "What if the bucks had covered the spread against the FAU, just like in any other game?"

WE MAKE THAT AGAIN? Remember the past year when the Pro Football Focus rating system routinely rated Alex Hornibrook one of the country's best passers-by before Dwayne Haskins?

I can not say that this is outrageous but it's certainly in the same vein – PFF's metrics currently have Clemson as the # 1 in the nation with Ohio State at # 4.

From the Pro Football Focus:


The state of Ohio ranks fourth in our rankings, but was unmasked as the # 1 team in the initial college football playoff ranking. They have two cupcake matchups in the Big Ten before meeting with Penn State and Michigan. You're almost certainly the country's most talented quarterback, working with Joe Burrow as our first-class caller. Justin Fields is also the clear number one in the class from a clean bag, but falls to fourth place in throws aimed at a field of 10 or more yards. People are beginning to realize that Chase Young is the most dominant player in college football and should be the first non-quarterback to be selected in the upcoming NFL draft. He leads the country's best pass-rush unit – one with an overall score of 93.1 and an average EPA of -532 per pass attempt.

Best of all, this was part of explaining why Clemson was # 1:

"Our power rankings are the closest match to betting markets compared to other surveys or ranking systems, and Clemson is still the favorite to win the national title."

Well, that's funny, because if you're literally going to a casino, an online gambling website, or a dodgy Venmo bookmaker, you'll soon realize that Clemson definitely does not stand the chance of winning the national championship title. Actually, they are not even second. In some cases they are not even third.

And if we "align ourselves closely with the betting markets," here's a quota maker who lists Clemson as an outsider to both the state of Ohio and Alabama.

Perhaps PFF was just in love with how well Clemson played against their godfathers when they defeated the state of Florida between 45 and 14 last month. That's the only explanation.

MORE IN-STATE GAMES? Even if someone forgets the basketball season before Christmas, I go here to record and say the tires at home and at home with Cincinnati was terribly fun, even if both games were sometimes absolutely brutal.

College basketball games in November are almost meaningless, and the beginning of this game was uglier than anything I ever wanted to subjugate my kids to, but because the game was against Cincinnati, I was totally exhausted from the start. In the end, I sucked each one Delicious tear from her fans.

And the good news is, we get more.

From my good friend Marcus Hartman of the Dayton Daily News:

"I think we would consider further options with Cincinnati and maybe with anyone in Ohio," said Gene Smith, director of athletics in the Ohio Ohio, told Dayton Daily News, while clarifying that nothing imminent.

"No action is being taken now," said Smith. "Chris and I did not talk specifically about Dayton or Xavier, but he and I share a similar philosophy that we should try to play Ohio Schools, which is why we're doing the same at the show games. So he and I did not talk specifically about these two, but I imagine we'll probably do it along the way. "

When the state of Ohio calls, UD athletics director Neil Sullivan confirms he will listen.

"I think we have a good relationship and if it's something she's ever interested in, we would play her, whether it's a home or we talked about playing neutrally." Sullivan said.

I'm extremely depressed at more regular season games and home games with teams that are not just Cincinnati, but I'm not sure I'll ever be satisfied until we get the all-in-all. Ohio Hoops Tournament we deserve.

Plan it, you cowards!

BIG (GER) THANOS? People, I think I've found Dawand Jones: The sequel and Ryan Day must do anything to get him on campus.

Besides, at some point we have to give Big Thanos the ball and make him rumble, right?

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