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Sky watchers who are upset after the encounter between Blood Moon and Mars & Mercury

July 27 marked an exciting time for sky watchers as much of the solar system became visible to the naked eye.

First it was the lunar eclipse, now Mars and Mercury is declining.

For some people that's not a big deal, but for others it comes with deep-seated superstition.

Andrew Kerr is the planetarium manager at CSN. He says retrograde when a planet reaches another planet and finally passes it.

Right now, Mercury is declining because it passes Earth and Mars is declining because Earth is passing it.

"The Way There The earth and the planets go around the sun, occasionally we come up and pass a planet," Kerr said. "Mars looks like it's flying backwards through the sky like it normally does and with Mercury it's catching us up, it seems to move backwards even though the orbit is the same."

For decades, astrologers and others have linked planets backwards to superstitions such as 3 weeks of bad luck or a string of poor first dates and even frustrated until the very end.

Anne Marie Greco, a spiritual teacher at the spiritual center of CC on Rainbow Boulevard, says that when planets recede, they create real problems with the way people communicate.

"It creates a kind of uproar, you might get into trouble because of unclear communication," Greco said.

However, Kerr does not agree, he says what

"My clock has more impact on you now than Mercury or Mars," Kerr said.

Cathy DiDomenico, the owner of CC's Spiritual Center

"It has a lot of effect on everybody, some people can not sleep at night, others are more than hyper and then others have to go to sleep Time to celebrate new things in spiritual aspects, a time to bring in the good, the love and the light as the universe shifts, "said DiDomenico.

Because Mercury is closest to the Sun, he orbits the Solar System faster than any other planet, every 88 days.

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