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Slog AM: In Seattle, 56 people stand for the city council, a new mayor of Chicago, a sprint, and a FCC-approved merger of T-Mobile-Slog

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Greetings from Chicago, the one-year Hobie on my lap I think this column needs a mascot, so he's the official Slog dog (eating your ugly pets), since I'm in Chicago, I can as well start with an exciting Chicago news …

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Today, Lori Lightfoot takes over the office of Mayor : She is now officially the first gay woman in a big city to be rebuild public confidence in the city after a tough tenure with today's ex-mayor Rahm Emanuel She left her government in the last two months since the election, but has kept many Emanuel-era administrators under control, at least in the short term Building relationships with the established city politicians.

Speaking of City Government Elections : Seattle has our official list of 56 city council candidates. And what a crowded field! Not quite as crowded as the Democratic presidential candidates, but you know, pretty crowded. The Stranger puts our election coverage in full swing. In the meantime, however, you can only figure out who your district's candidates are. What, you do not know which district you are in? Come on! This crosscut graphic may be a great resource for you.

Orcas want us to stop making such a goddamn thug : If you have not read "Hostile Waters," the incredible series of the Seattle Times on orcas, then I'll do that, Boy, boy Have a treat for you. You have just published a series on noise and how we can achieve much in orca habitats. I do not know if you've ever opened your eyes in Puget Sound, but you can not see shit. Killer whales use sound to find their prey. But human activity has turned Puget Sound into an underwater version of STOMP that prevents orcas from successfully finding the few Chinook salmon that still exist.

Vashon Island has long been a figurehead for unvaccinated children : My roommate grew up on Vashon Island and I joke jokes almost every day (do not worry, he has all his shots), but we could not keep these jokes much longer to do (a good thing). A combination of community information organization, national media attention and the recently adopted bill to remove personal exemptions for the measles vaccine has dramatically increased vaccination rates on the island. It is still one of the least vaccinated communities in the country, but they have grown to 74% of kindergarten teachers who receive their state prescribed vaccines. Bring your jokes in while you can!

Dear NWS social media person : You are doing such a great job. Not only do they post the most accurate weather for today and tomorrow, they also give a pretty little picture. Her work is seen and appreciated.

FCC to okay fusion between T -Mobile and Sprint : T-Mobile promised to quickly build a nationwide 5G network after the merger, if the FCC chairman manages to do it. This $ 26 billion merger would be the largest telecommunications business in over a decade, and would provide T-Mobile with a huge share of the US market. But T-Mobile does not come away for nothing, they have annual benchmarks of how much 5G they bring out to keep the FCC happy.

Game of Thrones is officially over : And the world has some thoughts on how eight seasons of dramatic genius ended with such a whimper. You do not have to search long for hot takes, every single person with a Twitter handle writes a devastating screed about one aspect of the finale. I did not mind much, but the authors went far too far with the overall mantra of visual storytelling "Show don't tell". I'm all in favor of a good scene, but half of the damn episode were characters walking slowly through intricate sets, quietly reacting to things. Take a look at it again and pay attention to how damn slowly everyone goes everywhere. It is annoying. George R. R. Martin had enough time to finish the last book in the dramatic pauses that Tyrion inserted between the lines. And so I finish my little, spoiler-free review.

Trump strikes Iran and they fight back : So last Friday I tried to give Trump the benefit of the doubt in response to a report from the New York Times he wrote Security officials said he did not want to go to war with Iran, then went full Twitter over the weekend and sent terrible threats against the Middle East. Iran responded on Twitter, the only language our president speaks, saying, "#EconomicTerrorism & genocidal taunts will not end Iran." Someone, please, stop that.

Ebola outbreak worsens with increasing militia attacks on clinics and doctors : The Democratic Republic of the Congo is experiencing the second largest Ebola outbreak in history, following the outbreak in West Africa as of 2013. So far, at least 1,100 people have died, although auxiliary groups believe this figure underestimates death toll. It is difficult enough for local doctors and international aid agencies to fight one of the most devastating viruses on our planet without dozens of armed militias frequently attacking clinics. Public trust in the government and the state military is extremely low, which makes people suspicious of public health services. There are even rumors that the government has introduced Ebola in certain parts of the country to kill people in those regions.

Washington is a magical place where Disney movies come to life. :

Listen now here you $ #!% : This is Ween Week! Five days, five Ween songs that show how versatile this incredible band is!

Among the best entertainment venues in Seattle tonight are: A book tour for the Body Horror Satire BTTM FDRS 4U: The Prince's Music with Symphony and an Evening with the Comedian and Actor Bob Newhart.

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