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iPhone 12 Pro – Is It The World’s Best Photo Smartphone?

A few hours ago, Apple published the embargo on the first reviews of the iPhone 12 Pro. Professional photographer Peter McKinnon grabbed him too checked under all possible conditions. See how beautiful he takes photos. iPhone 12 Pro and its camera For the past 10 years, Cupetine has focused on improving the quality of photography on mobile devices. It started …

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NASA and Nokia will set up a 4G network on the moon

As part of the Artemis project, NASA wants people to return to the moon, but this time it won’t be short “trips” like during the Apollo missions. Artemis involves not only landing people safely on the moon’s surface and returning to Earth, but also building infrastructure for a long-term lunar base. It should also contain the 4G cellular network. With …

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You can also support Black Lives Matter with the free PS4 theme

So you can download it. Yesterday, Sony made a new theme available to all Playstation 4 console owners that they can use to beautify their movement through this console’s UI. However, this doesn’t apply to every game and instead expresses support for the Black Lives Matter movement. You probably don’t need to introduce this to anyone. So if you are …

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Redmi is considering introducing a compact iPhone 12 mini smartphone

Source: YouTube (GadgetByte) Dont miss it Xiaomi Xiaolang dryer with a volume of 35 liters – the most compact dryer on the market is currently available at an incredible price Recent introduction of smartphones from the series iPhone 12 from an American company Apple caused quite a stir in the world of technology. The arrival of new technologies or the …

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The new iPhones 12 are likely to be more successful, the interest in this model has exceeded expectations

Apple officially unveiled the new 12 iPhone last week. TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo this time focused on sales for the recently launched iPhones 12. These were launched last week and have a weekend of pre-sales. For example, according to Appleinsider.com, after the first editions, it looks like the iPhone 12 line should be (significantly) more successful than last year’s …

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