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FIFA has decided. MŠK Žilina has to pay Besir Demiri

today 12:15

The Slovakian soccer vice-champion MŠK Žilina has to compensate his former player Besir Demiri (26), otherwise he faces sanctions in the form of a transfer ban for up to three transfer windows.

Pod Dubňom Stadium, MŠK Žilina

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The football club under Dubňa is taking a radical step from the end of March this year when it went into liquidation following the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic and subsequently fired 17 footballers from its employees who were supposed to reject the salary cuts proposed by the club.

Among the eliminated players was a native of Skopje from Macedonia Besir ironwho, as a legionnaire, turned to FIFA for help.

The highest football authority in the world has finally decided in this dispute in favor of the Albanian footballer, which he now has according to information MŠK Žilina must pay an amount of 180 thousand euros and 5 percent interest.

Residents of Žilina have 45 days to pay. If this does not happen, they face sanctions in the form of a transmission ban in up to three transmission windows. Whether they are domestic or foreign players.

Besir Demiri, former MŠK Žilina player

Besir Demiri, former MŠK Žilina player

Source: TASR

If the MŠK’s management fails to pay the player within this deadline, the case will be referred to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee again. Despite the fact that Besir Demiri won a dispute with MŠK Žilina, the Slovak club still has the opportunity to appeal to the Sports Arbitration Court in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“The Union of Professional Footballers has represented the player in this matter and supported him in this case. This is the expected FIFA ruling that we pointed out at the time the matter was resolved. But until the ruling is valid, we will don’t dwell on it. “ explained a consultant from ÚFP for ŠPORT.sk Jozef Tokoš.

Pod Dubňom Stadium, MŠK Žilina

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According to information from ŠPORT.sk, after this case it is also planned to contact other released players in Žilina and request funding that they lost after the early termination of their contracts.

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