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Student Linh († 18) died under the wheels of a luxury SUV: The pain of loved ones is a great, heartbreaking confession

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The pain is huge. The girl’s family arrived at the place where their loved one lost their life the day after the tragedy. Confessions of mourning are increasing in the social network. The school Linh attended has a black flag.

“It is difficult for us to find the words of the misfortune that befell the Linh family. They were loved in the best sense of the word; close to many for their kindness and kindness. Linh was fantastic ̵

1; smart, hardworking, wise, humble, always helpful and smiling … ” stated on the website of the Ladislav Novomeský grammar school that Linh attended. This year should be her last, she should graduate …

Under the wheels of a luxury SUV

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Some of her friends honored Linh’s memory on the day of the tragedy and lit candles at the spot where she last breathed. The school’s parents’ council also offered sincere condolences to the family. “”Although we did not all know her personally, our sad news is tearful – she was one of us, she belonged to our Tomášičkár family. Linh, we will never forget you, like everything you taught us in those few moments together. ” sounded a heartbreaking confession.

The last farewell a week after the tragedy

The death of a student at the grammar school in Bratislava particularly affected the Vietnamese community in Slovakia, who came from this country. They also gave her sincere words on the social network. Among other things, they described that she was a good daughter, student, friend and family member.

The last farewell to Linh will take place next Monday in the crematorium in Bratislava.

Under the wheels of a luxury SUV

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The charge has not yet been dropped

The SUV was killed on Monday, September 21. The former finalist of the beauty competition and celebrity designer Daniela Kralevich (35) should get behind the wheel. However, no charges have been brought against a specific person. Investigator PZ began criminal prosecution in relation to the crime of death. The police announced on Thursday on their Facebook page.

The public does not know the exact circumstances of the accident, nor is it known what preceded the collision between the car and the pedestrian. Experts from different fields will have the floor. Drivers should pick up the phone immediately after the collision to see if their inattentiveness was a factor. The car was supposed to crash into the girl at full speed, according to witnesses it did not even brake.

Under the wheels of a luxury SUV

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Bratislava police spokeswoman Veronila Slamková officially stated that the car of death was to be driven by a 35-year-old woman sitting the age of the aforementioned Kralevich. According to JOJ Television, she ended up with her mother in hospital after the accident. You should be in shock.

Under the wheels of a luxury SUV

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A witness to the accident on the social network said that “The water collapsed nervously, screaming and crying.” Despite everything, on the day of the accident, Kralevich managed to deactivate his Facebook profile, the Instagram profile is no longer publicly accessible. Her expression or regret is still missing.

Look for witnesses

The Bratislava police are currently looking for witnesses to the tragic event that occurred on September 21, 2020 at around 12:20 p.m. on Tomášikova street. Valuable information can help clarify what happened.

“Witnesses who saw the course and circumstances of this traffic accident at the time of the incriminating location, which would help to clarify, can register in person at any police station or by telephone on toll-free police number 158 or on this page in a private message.” The police closed.

The beginning of this week was marked by a traffic accident on the TOMÁŠIKOVA STREET POLICE, which is looking for its witnesses in Bratislava …

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