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The NHL’s priority is to wait until January if necessary

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Defender Christián Jaroš has been training in his hometown Košice since May. He would also like to play Europe in the new season, but Ottawa won’t let him go.

First the treaty with Ottawa, then maybe Europe

The Slovak defender will become a restricted free agent after the end of this year. In practice, this means that senators have an overriding right to do so. “I wanted to start the year in Europe, but Ottawa wouldn̵

7;t let me. I have to have a new contract first. The free player market opens on October 9th. If we haven’t reached an agreement with the Senators by then, I’ll have it Ability to sign a contract elsewhere, but Ottawa can handle the offer. “ Jaroš explained his situation.

“My priority is to play in the NHL. If necessary, I’ll wait until January. I hope to stay in Ottawa.” continued the 24-year-old hockey player, who played more games on the farm in the AHL last season. In profile, he jumped in thirteen meetings.

“It’s hard to be without competition for so long. I also miss the hockey cabin. If we agreed on a contract earlier, it is possible that I will start somewhere in Europe.” The holder of bronze from the World Championships under 20 years old from 2015 continued. Jaroš changes gym with ice. “I’m now taking three weeks of training and a week off so I don’t overtrain.”

He goes on the ice with other Košice people who work abroad, Tomáš Jurč and Martin Marinčin. “They are both great hockey players. It’s great that you can compare yourself to similar players in training.” he commented.

Christián Jaroš.

Christián Jaroš.

Source: TASR

According to our information, they were also interested in Jaroš in Sweden and Košice. “I don’t want to comment on Sweden but it’s true that they called me from Košice. I would like to play somewhere before I go overseas. But I won’t do anything about it now.” admitted a burly defense attorney who believes Ottawa will be shaken by bad years.

The capital city club has been missing since 2017 when it nearly reached the NHL playoff final. “You know how balanced the profile is. There are three or four changes and you can go from the bottom up. I believe I’ll be a part of it.” wished the three-time participant in the world championship.

The national team defender also watched some games from the NHL bubble. In the final he has friends from the national team – Erik Černák and Andrej Sekera. “I don’t dare to guess who will win, I wish it for both boys. Erik is a cousin, Andrej is a very good friend. It turned out to be a nice duel. Last year they played in a defensive pair in the World Cup, now they meet in the finals of the Profiligy. “ finished Christián Jaroš.


Trinity Jaroš, Jurčo and Marinčin help trainer Erik Belušár to keep the pace.

“The boys were without hockey for a long time and will be around for a while. That’s why we have to work to ensure that they have a good education. In the summer we solved it with three-on-three tournaments, as there are a lot of league hockey players and players in Košice in Europe were in preparation. They have been in their clubs for a long time, so we’re getting more form and speed. We’re imitating team training, even if it’s only three. We have to change the exercises so that there is no boredom. “ A young skills coach told us who has no problem with the motivation of the trustees.

“They are all great professionals, they want to do something in the NHL. They have no problem with motivation. They know it won’t work without a crack.”

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