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The pandemic is gaining strength again in Sweden. In Stockholm they want to tighten the measures

In Sweden, which has reported few new cases of coronavirus infections in the past few weeks, the situation is starting to get worse again.

They could therefore introduce stricter measures in the Stockholm metropolis, according to Swedish radio, the epidemiologist and one of the architects of the country’s current benevolent strategy in the fight against Covid-19 disease, Anders Tegnell.

Unlike most European countries, Sweden did not enter a strict quarantine in the spring and relied on the personal responsibility of each citizen.

Shops, bars, restaurants and gyms remained open in Sweden throughout the epidemic, as did schools for students under the age of 16. The only significant action taken by the authorities was a ban on gathering more than 50 people.

The actions of the authorities sparked criticism at home and abroad, but many Swedes supported them and were praised by some representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO), who described them as a sustainable model.

During the summer, the spread of the infection slowed significantly in Sweden, and in early September it increased only about a hundred cases per day in this country with a population similar to the Czech Republic.

However, almost 2,200 new infections have emerged in Sweden in the past week. “The increase in cases cannot be explained by increased testing alone.”

; said the Swedish health authority.

Swedish chief epidemiologist Tegnell said the growing number of infections could still be treated by health care and that the number of new patients in intensive care units was very low, as was the number of deaths. However, he did not rule out the introduction of more stringent measures in the capital, perhaps across the country.

In Stockholm, the infection mainly spreads to people of working age. “We are discussing with Stockholm whether measures need to be taken to slow the spread of the infection.” Tegnell said any restrictions could be announced within days.

Another area where the number of new diseases is increasing at an alarming rate is Dalarna County in the central part of the country. The infection has spread to hockey teams at both the elite and amateur levels. However, according to Tegnell, the adoption of restrictive measures is not yet being considered in this area.

According to the American University of Johns Hopkins, the country has recorded 89,756 cases of coronavirus and 5,876 deaths since the pandemic began. Although the number of victims per capita is much higher than in neighboring countries, it is lower than in Italy, Spain or the UK.

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