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The plenary will not discuss the recovery plan: MEPs did not approve the agenda

The chairman of Smer-SD and the MP Robert Fico stated in the procedural proposal in plenary that he would propose to the National Council of the Slovak Republic to take note of Article 2 of the Constitutional Law on cooperation between Parliament and Government in European Union (EU) matters. According to him, this opinion will be binding on the government if the National Council of the Slovak Republic does not comment on the draft opinion of the Slovak Republic within two weeks. “I would like to remind you, Mr. President, that the draft opinion under the constitutional law was submitted last Thursday. If the National Council does not comment on this point on Thursday, this opinion will become binding.”

; Fico addressed the President of Parliament Boris Kollár (We Are Family). Kollár confirmed that he was right. “We have to take care of it” added.

Smer-SD wanted parliament to give an opinion on the recovery plan. The initiators of the extraordinary meeting wanted to include a number of points in the resolution proposal. Accordingly, the national recovery plan should clarify how it will strengthen the country’s growth potential, job creation, and economic and social resilience. It also addresses a number of areas that should be highlighted when developing the plan, such as: B. Developing the potential of a skilled workforce, programs and investments in structural reforms in education, research and development. At the same time, the resolution should require the government to maintain the usual level of social dialogue in the preparation of the national plan, and experts should be nominated to evaluate the plan in a timely manner. At the same time, the proposed resolution should oblige Prime Minister Igor Matovič (OĽANO) to ensure the timely inclusion of the national recovery plan for discussion in Parliament before it is formally forwarded to the European Commission (EC).

Smer-SD was able to collect 37 signatures to call an extraordinary meeting. The recovery plan is to be financed from European sources under the EU’s Next Generation Program. “We have nothing on the table and it is very important that the National Council of the Slovak Republic can sanctify the plan that the government wants to send to the EC. The recovery plan is about weathering the crisis and slowing economic growth overcome. “The government cannot send such a plan to the EC. What Prime Minister Igor Matovic shows is absolute amateurism. “ announced the deputy and deputy chairman of Smer-SD Ladislav Kamenický last week. Party leader Robert Fico is also convinced that the national recovery plan needs to be passed “in the context of social dialogue”.

We still want to negotiate a recovery plan

A recovery plan can still be discussed at the current September meeting of the National Council (NR) of the Slovak Republic. This is what Parliament President Boris Kollár said (We are a family). According to him, they could put on the agenda a similar proposal that Smer-SD put forward when the extraordinary session opened.

“We are discussing this with members of the coalition. We want to bring something in this way so that we can open this point and give the members more information.” said Kollár.

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