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The highly anticipated debut of U.S. Service has turned into a big "oops" for Canadian budget airline Swoop.

Swoop had planned to fly to the United States this month, a move that would have made it the first Canadian "ultra low-cost carrier" to begin

But now at least two dozen of Swoop's first US-Canada flights have been canceled because of regulatory approvals have taken longer than expected

"We apologize to our travelers affected by the cancellations for the inconvenience and for their disappointment, "Swoop spokesperson Karen McIsaac said to Canada's CBC News.

Archives: Canadian budget Swoop announces 7 US routes

Swoop's US flights had been set to begin Oct. 11, with service between Las Vegas and Edmonton. Six more U.S.-Canada routes have been scheduled by the end of October; Orlando; Phoenix / Mesa, Arizona; and Tampa.

It's common practice in the airline industry – including among U.S. Pat. carriers – to unveil new international routes for which government approvals. It's rare, however, for the approvals not to come through in time for the scheduled flights.

Still, it could have been worse.

There were actually 56 swoop flights affected by the regulatory gaffe, according to TravelPulse Canada . But Swoop WestJet.

Swoop is a wholly owned subsidiary of WestJet, a low-cost carrier that's grown to become Canada's second-largest airline. Swoop started flying in June 2018, offering service on several domestic routes in Canada. The U.S.

Despite the link, Swoop and WestJet operate as separate stand-alone brands.

For now, all Swoop-operated flights have been postponed until Oct , 27, a date that Swoop says it's ready to go to the end of the year.

WestJet routes that were scheduled to be switched over to Swoop's bare-bones, no-frills service.

The Jets to Swoop are from Edmonton-Las Vegas; Hamilton, Ontario-Las Vegas; Hamilton-Orlando and Edmonton-Phoenix / Mesa.

Swoop's three other planned US-Canada routes are: Las Vegas-Abbotsford, British Columbia; Fort Lauderdale-Hamilton and Tampa-Hamilton.

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