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Smartwatches You Need To Watch Out For In 2020


It’s official. This decade is the decade of authentic watches and smartwatches. For the last ten years, smartwatches have seen improvements in leaps and bounds when compared directly to the decade before it. And we have smartphones to blame for that. The increase in usage of the device has led to wearable tech that people really got into.

With the advent of technology comes developments so wild and unheard of before that it makes no sense to people when they first see it in action. Remember the first iPod? Who knew it would revolutionize the music industry then? That’s what smartwatches are doing right now, and before this decade ends, it’s high time that we know what to expect in its last year.

The new Apple Watch

When the first Apple Watch was first introduced five years ago, it turned the industry on its head. Before then, smartwatches were novelty items, and companies like Garmin and Pebble have seen a rise in popularity because of how radical their smartwatches were. But when tech giant Apple made a smartwatch that pairs directly with their beloved iPhone, all bets are lost.

Five years later and its competitors are still chasing the Apple Watch when it comes to total integration, quality apps, and headlining features. Even authentic watches can’t compete. Now on its fifth iteration, the latest of the bunch features an always-on display, with a force touch in it. You can customize the watch software- and hardware-wise and offers a variety of options in case material.

2020’s Apple Watch is expected to have a sleep-tracking feature, among other things. And while this has been a part of some smartwatches for other operating systems, it’s safe to say that when Apple does something, they usually do it with a perfection that can’t be found anywhere else. So let’s tune in for that.

The possible Microsoft Surface Watch

As a company, Microsoft has been steadily churning out great laptop-tablet hybrids for the last few years. The Surface Pro is a triumph and maybe the only device out there that can compete with the iPad and MacBook and actually be better than those two. If your operating system has been Microsoft this whole time, you’ll be glad to know that a possible smartwatch may be in the horizon for you.

The rumor mill is ripe with the whispers of a Surface watch, a smartwatch that potentially has a dedicated Microsoft OS, a hybrid aluminum body that touted to be 1

0x stronger than metal, and a square-ish watch face. If that’s true, then it will coincide nicely with the latest Microsoft aesthetic that’s geared towards rectangles and squares shape-wise.

Google Pixel Watch

With its Pixel line of smartphones trumping camera systems that have two, three, even four camera lenses in them – doing it with only one camera in the hardware, the Pixel is Google’s shining star and Android’s most truthful version in a smartphone.

Most people that use a Pixel as their main phone are stuck with smartwatches from OEMs like Samsung, Garmin, etc. It’s only fitting then that Google will make a smartwatch that accompanies their best phone. After all, that will entice more people in the Android ecosystem.

The rumored Google Pixel Watch should be launched on the last quarter of 2020, and will supposedly come in two versions: Wi-Fi and LTE. Expect Google Assistant to be shipped with the watch, alongside 1GB of RAM and a round dial. It’s also rumored to be smaller than the Apple Watch and more versatile.


The new year hasn’t come yet, but the leaks in the tech world, specifically in smartwatches and the technology they are carrying, have been tremendous. It’s a great time to be alive, and as we grow as a society, technology is one of the forefronts in how we shape the world we are living in.