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Snapchat Alpha App leaks with new design, better performance

Snapchat is one of the most popular multimedia applications out there, and the company has been working on a new Android app for some time … well, this app has now leaked out. Snapchat Alpha is the name of this new application (though it's possible that Snap will remove the "alpha" part as soon as the final version drops), and it looks cleaner than the currently available Snapchat application, not to mention that It Works Faster Than the Regular Snapchat App

Users have not complained so much about the design of the Snapchat app, the main reason for so many complaints was the performance, because an Android Snapchat app can not compete with the iOS version when it does about performance. Back in November of last year, Snap announced that a new app for Android is on the way for the company to work on it, and it seems that this app is pretty close to the arrival, at least based on looks and performance the version it licked. XDA developers have managed to get the app, and you can also install and test it, but only if your phone is rooted. As far as the design is concerned, the Preferences menu in Snapchat Alpha is much simpler, while the Stories menu is better or worse than the Instagram Stories menu. The bottom navigation bar is no longer transparent, as it is with the currently available Snapchat app, while the Friends menu appears to be the same as the previous one.

If you go to the message interface, you will notice that the bottom bar has been redesigned and the call and video call buttons no longer exist. However, they can be added to the full version of the app. There are a few other changes in this menu that you can see when you watch the video embedded below. This video compares the current Snapchat app with the upcoming, Snapchat Alpha. You'll notice how much faster Snapchat Alpha is, and some images have been added to the gallery to give you a better idea of ​​what you can expect in terms of design.

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