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Snapchat loses its hasty redesign, so people finally stop complaining

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Do you remember the huge Snapchat update that basically annoyed everyone? Well, Snap is moving a bit and is redesigning the redesign after receiving just a barrage of boos from his once-loyal user base.

The latest update, which was recently rolled out to iOS users by the Los Angeles Times trenches the "Friends" page, which churned chats and stories together. The content is separated again and the chats are displayed in chronological order so that you no longer search for Snapchat's mysterious algorithm trying to guess who you want to talk to.

When booting up the redesigned app, users are redirected directly to their camera. You can show conversations with friends by swiping to the left, while Stories now live on a special page that you can access by swiping right. Stories are now also presented in feeds: friends; Subscriptions to publishers and people you follow; and for you to see the recommended content of Snapchat for you.

The change that was first released by Snapchat in February and officially announced by Snap CEO Evan Spiegel during the company's first quarter earnings coverage in May First, Snapchat seems to have the intention to listen to its users ̵

1; but just kind of ,

Snap basically knew from the day that the update first fell that things would go bad, as complaints from almost every region went into the update. When it came to the biggest markets, its fate was already sealed. More than a million people hurried to sign a petition to have Snapchat return to its previous interface, and users began posting scathing reviews. TechCrunch reported that 83 percent of the reviews for the new Snapchat were negative.

Snapchat was eventually forced to recognize the horde of angry users, a group that included once-celebrity Snapchat user Kylie Jenner, but insisted that the redesign was not possible anywhere.

What the company apparently turned in their attitude were not user complaints, but the fact that the update was unable to increase the company's revenue. According to the latest earnings report, user growth has slowed down since the update fell and only very old people like it – not exactly Snapchat's target audience. Snap loses money and does not grow, which are two things a company should probably not do at the same time if it intends to stay there for a while, especially if its only other innovative idea is another wearable camera.

The revised redesign is unlikely to save Snap, especially as Instagram is constantly penetrating its territory, showing that its signature features are easily replicable. Snapchat users could by and large be more forgiving than Rhianna, for example, from the excuse she got for tasteless advertising from the app, but first they need to get the update in their hands. Users on iOS get the change, but there's no word about availability for Android.

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