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Snapchat plans to test non-skippable six-second ads

Snapchat's parent company, Snap Inc., is looking for profit, looking for ways to generate revenue while preventing users from switching to other platforms. But Snapchat users may have to endure more ads – and soon these ads will not be skipped anymore.

Snapchat will begin testing a six-second ad aptly called "Commercials" Digiday reported on Wednesday. The test, scheduled to start in the middle of next month and confirmed by the company, will appear in some shows, but not in personal stories or the News section Discover. People familiar with the test told the publication that the attempt was an attempt to see how many ads users tolerated. Advertising is expected to be high-quality ads from large companies that are likely to be priced high.

But it was a difficult year for Snap, as it faced fierce backlashes over its recent Snapchat redesign, the denial of well-known celebrity influencers, and multiple layoffs. The company may soon need to add a general dislike for compulsory ads to this list, depending on how it designs and aligns its Commercials platform.

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