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Solomon Thomas in position against out of position

The San Francisco 49ers are getting ready to compete with the Kansas City Chiefs in their third pre-season game in a matter of hours. Something we are still talking about after the second game in the preseason is the defensive game against Solomon Thomas. Thomas may have one or two games he wants back, but the player we saw on the pitch was very different from the defensive tackle that some have called a failure in the last two years.

Well, part of that is that he's been away from his sister's suicide for a year. The other part? This:

Once again. If you play Thomas inside, he is much more productive than out there. This tweet above should tell you everything you need to know. Why the coaching staff played so marginally in these results in 2018 is still a mystery to me.

We do not know how Thomas will develop in 2019. He may not be able to hang with the NFL once the regular season begins. The one thing that can be drawn from the fact that the numbers indicate that the 49s could only leave him in his natural position, he could at least be maintained.

Remember, he also showed on Monday that he is capable of to .

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