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Some MoviePass customers blame the service for not stopping them

For some MoviePass subscribers, the service once offered the highest highs so they could watch as many movies as they wanted for a low monthly rate. But recently, the membership was a roller coaster ride for subscribers, as the financial difficulties and ever-changing service of MoviePass were difficult to manage. Now, after another weekend of service outages and new restrictions, some subscribers have decided to abandon this ride. However, some users claim that MoviePass can not terminate their service and have commented on their frustrations on social media. Take a Look:

Judging by Courtney Guth's Twitter post, subscribers who previously canceled their service and then opted for the new plan are still burdened and the opt-in will be the Override cancellation. The opt-in was an in-app prompt that you had to confirm that you accepted the new plan of $ 9.95 a month for 3 movies. If these allegations that MoviePass would not terminate people are true, I could see a scenario in which one person canceled the service and then saw and decided on the new plan. In MoviePass's eyes this could mean that the subscriber would like to give up the service was re-shot under the new plan, which removed the deletion. What is unclear is whether a person does not log in, which means that the service simply automatically decides for them and books them in the new plan.

Another person claiming that MoviePass does not let him break is comedy writer Chase Mitchell, who appears to have tried to cancel the service after receiving the new subscription email, just to be unsuccessful. Look at it:

I can imagine that this could be a technical mistake due to technical cancellations, but some people accuse MoviePass of not refusing them. These claims are anecdotal at this point and it is unclear just how many subscribers are trying to break off and how many are unable to do so. If that's really a problem, it's not a good movie-look. If users manually choose the new plan after cancellation, they have some responsibility. Error messages when attempting to cancel the operation are made exclusively on MoviePass. Either way, the persistent problem, if these allegations are true, continues to be a lack of clear communication from MoviePass to its subscribers. The opt-in screen did not state that accepting the new plan meant canceling a previous cancellation of the service.

True or not, widespread or isolated, the problem for MoviePass is that these issues seem credible given the service's recent history of insulting for the company's image, which has been badly hit in recent months. Even more alarming is that people are canceling the service, presumably frustrated by outages and lack of movie availability, and do not want to wait until the new plan goes into effect to see if things improve.

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