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Some clients of DirecTV and AT & T U-verse may soon lose access to their local CBS channels.

On Saturday at 2 pm EDT, the current contract between AT & T and CBS expires. obsessed transmitters could turn black.

Both companies warn customers of a possible default and blame each other.

"CBS would like to avoid being dropped, but if no agreement is reached, our viewers should be prepared for DIRECTV and AT & T U-verse TV for the removal of CBS's own television stations in New York, Los Angeles. Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Tampa, Seattle, Detroit, Minneapolis, Miami, Denver, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, "the CBS statement said. "DIRECTV NOW customers across the country would also lose the success programs of the CBS Television Network."

AT & T, the largest pay-TV operator in the US with 24.5 million subscribers, said in its statement that it is "on behalf of our customers" engaged in these negotiations with broadcasters and national networks. "

Dispute between AT & T DirecTV and Nexstar: Nexstar Channel on DirecTV, U-verse dark since late July 3


The age of streaming is fast as expensive.

Some AT & T customers lost access to Nexstar stations in 97 markets at 23:59. Local time 3rd of July. The stations, which include ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC partner stations, are still dark.

"We need to persuade companies like CBS and Nexstar to adopt the same call to action that our own TV clients have made," said AT & T. "Make no mistake, we want CBS-operated and Nexstar-operated local stations are included in our lineups, and their million-dollar misinformation campaigns are a waste of time, patience, and frayed loyalties. "

CBS has created a website at about the potential failure and encourages customers to take action by contacting AT & T. The failure could also affect some CBS's own CW television channels.

Not every CBS or CW transmitter is at risk of blacking out for AT & T customers.

What's next?

Disputes between content providers and cable and satellite providers often occur when companies try to negotiate new deals.

Sometimes the negotiations are extended to allow the parties to reach an agreement. In many situations the stations do not turn black.

While both parties claimed to seek a solution, there was an increase in power outages.

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"This year, broadcasters across the industry have caused more than 200 power outages, a record of one year "That's more than 20 percent more than the 165 in 2018."

CBS stated "having reached timely agreements with hundreds of other cable, satellite, telecommunications and Internet providers in a timely, fan-favorite show, but AT & T continues to propose unfair conditions that are far below those of the industry agreed by its competitors, and may cancel CBS unless we agree to these conditions. "

How to View Your Shipments

When the Channels are Locked According to AT & T, customers can use Locast on multiple markets, a non-profit service that allows users to access TV channels over the Internet.

"We are committed to providing our customers with access to the same content with new innovative capabilities, including a new product called the Local Channel Connector, which inserts local signals into the channel guides of our DIRECTV customers with Genie recipients, or adding The new Locast app connects to all of our Internet-connected genius and U-verse receivers so customers can view their local stations, "AT & T said in its statement.

Many shows can also be watched over the mobile network or online on the network's websites.

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