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Someone sends creepy parcels to girls in their elementary schools. The FBI is on alert.

The question creeps up parents in several states and trouble investigators throughout the South: who is "Atur Bhuck of Santa Fe, NM "? And why did he send care packages to dozens of elementary-school girls?

More than 50 students living in the Southeast – those who the authorities are aware of anyway – have received unsolicited packages of food and a signed letter "Atur Bhuck," according to a Facebook entry from Covington County District Attorney General ( Alabama).

The bureau started his warning with the words "Predator alert"

In the letter, Bhuck says he is 14 years old. mentally handicapped and in the past a target of bullying. He wanted the girls who received the parcels to email him back to [email protected] or [email protected]

But the investigation has sent the sender of the package, the district, A more dangerous aspect revealed law firm said. Investigators tracked the IP address of the Gmail account, which originated in Houston. Someone used the e-mail address to order and send the packages.

And the same person's IP address has appeared on websites about girls underwear.

Bhuck told others online that he had penpals in Phenix City, Ala. the investigators said and wanted to know what kind of music they should hear.

The authorities have not published any further information about Bhuck – including who owns the Houston IP address or Gmail address – and have given the name of a suspect or the announcement of arrests.

It is unclear how Bhuck found out where the girls go to school.

The authorities encouraged all parents whose child was targeted 334-222-2513.

The District Attorney The bureau and the FBI did not immediately return messages seeking a comment.

The incident seems to be a case of what experts call a technology-based personal care where predators use the Internet to find young victims they can over them and make them more vulnerable to exploitation.

School officials, the FBI and other investigators have been on alert.

Phenix City Schools Superintendent Randy Wilkes told the Ledger Enquirer that officials "know the situation and parents last week have notified. "

"The students in the school district had never been in contact with a mailing, and no student has ever been in contact with any such mail. … The case is under investigation."

According to Farley International, dealing with crimes against children Predators often target teens or young teens who can access and access the Internet but are still prone to predation [19659019] Victims are often female and are identified from postings or photos on social media.

A Predator "spends a lot of time talking to the victim first online and later using a cell phone" and encourages them to create a private email account and / or contact point, "said Farley International in one Slideshow presentation aimed at law enforcement officers.

When the robber identifies a potential victim, he often sends "unexpectedly e-cards or gifts."

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