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Something lazy happened on this call from the Texans Chiefs – ProFootballTalk

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There was no pool report, no Al Riveron video. And there will likely be no public announcement on the talks that led to the removal of an important pass interference foul in the Texans Chiefs' play.

But something lazy happened, as evidenced by the pictures broadcast by CBS.

It sometimes happened that the bosses were leading in the second quarter with 17: 9 and drove more with a first delay on the Houson 32. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes fired a deep ball into the end zone and was caught by Texans defensive back Tashaun Gipson.

Referee Shawn Hochuli first informed fans in the stadium and the television audience that Texan defender Lonnie Johnson Jr. had committed a defensive mishap at Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Then, as the teams lined up for the next game at the scene of the offense (the Houston 23), Hochuli and two other officials gathered. During the conversation, it is clear to see one of the other officers pressing his finger against his ear, which was most likely an attempt to hear better, whatever someone said to him.

PFT has learned that the re-examination was definitely not involved in this decision. This means that no one should have been allowed to talk to any of the officials about whether the request to interfere with the passport should be changed or any other punishment should be imposed.

After the consultation, Hochuli announced "the contact that was possibly a hold while the ball was in the air; It is not a continuity disorder because the receiver did not catch the ball. While the referees were clunky at the back end, they concluded, apparently with re-keeper's input or the blatant hold of Kelce while the ball was in the air, and that Kelce was not the intended receiver – what the Ball made impregnable for him and thus led to no disturbance.

But the contact with Kelce seems to have begun to be clear and continued until Mahomes threw the ball. So, if there was to be some sort of consultation (even though it was technically unauthorized by the procedures to support officers in the field), somebody should have told the officers that Johnson had taken a defensive stance on Kelce, with the interception suspended and the ownership was granted to the bosses, first and 10 of Houston 27.

The league declined to comment on this game; A source knowledgeable of the situation informed PFT that it was ultimately a decision for field officials. The problem is that apparently someone else's judgment was involved – and that the judgment was wrongly exercised.

After all, it was a key moment in the game. Tony Dungy called it the turning point in the football night on Sunday in America. Houston hit the ball the entire length of the field with the touchback, scoring a touchdown. If the Chiefs scored a touchdown after having the ball right they would have scored a 17-16 touchdown if it was 24-9.

The chiefs are upset as they should be. And the league should be more transparent when such mistakes happen. Ultimately, this is the best way to prevent such mistakes from occurring again – and to keep fans from believing that the simplest explanation is that someone who wanted to get the Texans to win the game somewhere.

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