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Sondland mocks that about changing statements in fierce exchange

Rep. Sean Maloney, DN.Y., got involved with Gordon Sondland at the impeachment hearing Wednesday when he urged the US Ambassador to the European Union who would benefit from an investigation by Ukrainian officials regarding former Vice President Joe Biden and his son would – to the applause of the audience, when Sondland President Trump admitted.

In an irritated exchange between the legislator and the ambassador, Maloney asked Sondland if Trump had asked him to investigate the family's biden and business in Ukraine.

"I said about 19 times he did not ask me about the Bidens." Sondland said. "When he asked for an investigation, I assumed he meant the company."


The company to which Sondland refers is Burisma Holdings, who had the former Vice President /1

996/03/22.html Son Hunter on his Board of Trump – Trump has requested an investigation into the matter in Ukraine, a request that is now at the center of the impeachment inquiry?

"I expect President Trump would benefit from this," Sondland said before the audience applauded in the hearing room.

Sondland, who testified in the House's impeachment investigation, then stated that he was responding with Maloney's interrogation

"I'm really annoyed with your attempts," Sondland said before adding that he was trying to be straightforward. "

Maloney responded that the committee had made several efforts to gather information from him to get over Trump's interactions with Ukraine.

Maloney said. "And it took a lot of effort to get it out of you."


The "dandy" of a statement "was Sondland's lengthy comment when he said Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani were looking for something in return for the Ukraine and used the Oval Office for political investigations against Democrats. Sondland said he suspected that the help was also involved, but said Trump had never told him directly.

Sondland faced tough questions from both Democrats and Republicans on the podium – hits for his memory of events leading up to the impeachment investigation and for revising earlier statements he made behind closed doors.

Sondland admitted that Trump had never told him directly that the security aid was blocked by the probes. This was a gap in his account, which the Republicans and the White House took as evidence that the president had done nothing wrong. But Sondland said his dealings with Giuliani and administrative officials left him with a clear understanding of what was at stake.

"Was there a return?" Sondland said in opening speeches. "With regard to the requested White House call and the White House meeting, the answer is" yes. "

The rest is obvious:" Two plus two equal to four. "THE FOX NEWS APP

Sondland, who was also an important donor for Trump's inauguration, was the most-anticipated witness in Parliament's impeachment investigation against the 45th President of the United States.


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