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Sonic Mania Sales reach more than 1 million

  Sonic Mania sales

With Sonic Mania Plus coming out this summer, Sega announced this week that the original Sonic Mania has officially reached 1 million units sold worldwide. The news shared in the weekly Famitsu magazine (via silicones) is certainly good news for the company and the franchise as a whole. Since the original game continues to sell well after a year since its release, it is not out of the question that the upcoming Sonic Mania Plus will be able to produce equally impressive numbers.

When it comes to Sonic Mania Plus the improved physical release will be released in the summer of 201

8 for $ 29.99. In addition to the new characters, the physical release will also come with a holographic dust jacket, a reversible SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive sleeve, and a 32-page Sonic Mania art book. It looks like it's the lovingly crafted release. The new content will also be available as DLC for those who already own the game.

For more information about the original version, see Sonic Mania . Here's an excerpt from what our reviewer had to say:

Overall, Sonic Mania succeeds much more than stumbles. Another successful, notable area that I have not mentioned before is that is the soundtrack – like the previously mentioned stage sets and designs, these toe-tapping tracks fit right next to the franchise's most legendary, without ever to be out of place And as mentioned before, new material as well as refined and twisted versions of old stages are an absolute force – though I have to admit that I wanted a lot more of the new stuff and without another "redesigned" version of Green Hill would have played May be the fiftieth time in my gaming career. What this package is for me, at least, is an opportunity for newcomers to the series to discover the Blue Blur at its best, and for old fans to relive a classic gameplay style that has not been done properly for years. Sonic Mania is a real treat.

Sonic Mania Plus will appear in summer 2018.

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