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Sony automatically changes obvious PlayStation user names

We lived in a world where someone with an offensive user name was simply excluded from an online service. With PlayStation's ability to edit names soon, things have changed now, and those offensive names are changing with them.

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Starting today, you can finally change your PSN name

As reported for the first time last fall, Sony lets people change their PSN name via their PS4 or the Web.

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Gamasutra has found a clue in the train's Frequently Asked Questions that shows what happens when someone makes a comedic pass (or is an asshole). If it is detected, the name is changed to Tempxxxxxx (Temp345678, Temp902716, etc.). If you change the name of an old account and the new account stinks, users can return to the old account. When it is recognized for a new name, you are prompted to change it to something that does no harm. [19659007] This is interesting because 1) this solution is much cleaner than banning accounts and creating new accounts by users. 2) You now know that if you're ever in a game with Temp274503, think twice about voice chat. [19659008] Here is a little FAQ if you need some finer details.

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PlayStation is really bad when it comes to new PSN names

Yesterday, Sony announced that PlayStation Network name changes were officially ready for primetime. …

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