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Sony comments on Spider-Man possibly leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Is Spider-Man on his own going forward?

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Will Marvel Studios and Sony Entertainment stop working together on Spider-Man movies? As of Tuesday, the future for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man seemed murky. Kevin Feige's involvement in upcoming Spider-Man movies.

Marvel Studios President Feige does not want to produce any more Spider-Man films, and that Marvel wants no longer involved in the Spidey movie universe.

Marvel did not return a request for comment. A Sony representative suggested the issue was over production credits.

More recently, in a statement sent to CNET, a Sony representative confirmed Disney's reluctance to have figured-serve as a producer on Sony-led Spider-Man movies was a major part of the issue. [19659006] "Much of today's news about Spider-Man has been mischaracterized recent discussions about Kevin Feige's involvement in the franchise," the spokesperson said.

Feige is the producer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sony's representative echoed that, saying Sony what "grateful for his help and guidance the way he has helped put us on, which we will continue."

change in the future. "

Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man is still to come. Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man: Homecoming, both of which were made under the Sony-Marvel agreement. [19659006] What's this deal, anyway? While he's long been a Marvel character in the comics, movie Spider-Man is a Sony Entertainment franchise character. In 2015, Sony and Marvel made a deal to work together on several Spider-Man films, and it seems to have been a wall-crawling success. Spider-Man: Far From Home, made under the Marvel Sony deal, recently became Sony's highest-grossing film of all time earning $ 1,109 billion globally.

The reaction has been instantaneous, with many blaming Sony for the issue.

Originally published Aug. 20, 2:44 pm PT.

Update, 9:16 p.m.: Adds statement from Sony representative.

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