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Sony has just launched a weekend sale of countless games for under $ 10

Just in time for the weekend, Sony has launched a flash sale for dozens of games (many of which have dropped to under $ 10), ending Monday, and offering a rather attractive range of discounts for all kinds of content in the North American PlayStation Store.

The official PlayStation blog includes the full list of discounted PS4, PS3 and PS Vita 24 games at 8am in the Pacific to win a discounted title, most of which are for the PS4.

Some of the deals offered include Just Cause 3 for only $ 6, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for $ 10, and Dark Souls II again for $ 10 , Other discounts in the PS4 category that you can fully check out at the link above are Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 both for $ 6 while Limbo Run a whopping $ 2 to say nothing of the downloadable reduced content you can get for games like Far Cry 4 Just Cause 3 The Division and more.

If you still rock a PS3 there are deals like BioShock Infinite for only $ 6, Grand Theft Auto IV for $ 9 and Red Dead Redemption for $ 9.89. And so we do not forget Sony's handheld, you can buy games like Super Meat Boy for the Vita for $ 4.49 and Lara Croft Go for just $ 2.

As mentioned above, the sale came about When the weekend is over, this also applies to Friday.

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