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Sony Michel Injury Update: Patriots allegedly hopeful that rookie will not miss much time

It looks like Patriots are running back Sony Michel will not miss much time after suffering a serious knee injury on Sunday at New England's 38-31 against Chicago.

According to NFL.com, Michel underwent an MRI on Monday and his injury is not considered serious. Although Michel has missed some time, not much is expected.

Ideally, Michel would not miss any time, but considering what happened to the Bears, the Patriots would take a huge break if Michel was missing just a week or two.

The injury of Michels knee happened in the first game of the second quarter in Chicago. After being handed over by Tom Brady, Michel was hit by Chicago's Bilal Nichols and as the two players went down, Michel's left knee turned into an awkward position after his foot was caught under Nichols' body.

When the injury happened, it seemed serious. Michel was not only on the ground for a few minutes, but players from both sides came to speak encouraging words.

When Michel could finally stand, he had to be led away from the field by two coaches.


Sony Michel had been helped in the second quarter by the field.
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Michel stormed with only four jerseys for 22 yards before leaving the game.

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The rookie running back was a big part of the Patriots offense this year. After a slow start, the first round exploded for 112 yards and a touchdown at the New England 38-7 win against Miami in Week 4. Michel hit the 100-yard mark again in Week 6 when he pulled 106 yards up in the Patriots 43- 40 victory over the Chiefs.

Overall, Michel has carried the ball 95 times for 422 yards and four touchdowns for the season. The rookie, despite the fact that he has not even played in the first week due to a knee injury, has been able to catch up.

The best move for the Patriots could only be to have Michel healed for the next month. The Patriots said goodbye at the 11th week, which means he could miss the next three games – at Buffalo, Green Bay, Tennessee – and then come back from the 12th week for the track. It would give Michel until the 25th of November to heal.

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