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Sony opens pre-order registration for the highly anticipated PlayStation 5

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The Sony PlayStation 5 is slated for release sometime this year.


We’re one step closer to the much-anticipated PlayStation 5. Sony has created a PS5 login page that will take pre-orders from existing customers based on availability, CNET sister site GameSpot reported on Wednesday.

Selections are based on “previous interests and PlayStation activity” and you will know if you have been selected when you are contacted by email PS5 pre-order FAQ page. The console is slated to be released this year, but Sony hasn’t said exactly when it will happen or what it will cost. It is also unknown when the PS5’s pre-order date will be.

Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Sony gave us a look at the new PlayStation 5 console at their Future of Gaming event in June. The next-generation console will come in two versions: a standard model with a Blu-ray drive and a slimmer Digital Edition unit that does not contain discs – it is based entirely on downloads and streaming.

GameSpot also reported that, unlike a hard drive like previous PlayStations, the PS5 uses a solid-state drive and that Game Discs support a capacity of up to 100GB.

A PS5 teaser that Sony released last week focused on the immersive elements of next-gen gamingsuch as haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D audio. Haptic feedback means gamers can feel different “textures” in games, while adaptive triggers allow developers, in some cases, to create physical resistance.

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