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Sony's listed Driveclub is 24 hours early and racing fans are not happy

Car enthusiasts hoping to receive Driveclub or its cheap DLC have contacted Sony 24 hours before the originally announced date to delist the racing game.

Sony released an announcement on The PlayStation website was already called in March . It states that Driveclub Driveclub Bikes and Driveclub VR will be removed from the PSN on August 31, 2019. The Servers Are Permanently Powered As Eurogamer reports, the game and all its associated DLCs are currently unavailable, though this date is announced on the official PlayStation website (19459003) as the deadline for cancellation (19459004) "Many people were waiting the final sale, as is customary in such cases (DuckTales Remastered, Forza Horizon 6, etc.), but now they can not buy anything, "an unfortunate customer e-mailed to Eurogamer. "I'm a big fan of PlayStation, but I suppose that in this case Sony has crossed the line, people need to know that it can happen with any Sony released game."

"I bought Driveclub ONLY physically and all removed the dlc yesterday," one player complained on Twitter while another added, "Driveclub is no longer in I actually wanted to buy it today The official closing date The date of the downs was August 31. Any info? "

So far, there is no official word from Sony why the game prematurely from the List has been dropped, and PlayStation has yet to respond to questions from fans in social media.

Driveclub struck the skids for the first time when it was released in 2014, and was one of the earlier PS4 exclusive products released when the PS4 hit the market in 2013. His debut, however, was not without its problems and as we said in in 2016 : "The Vanilla Edition was a fast, decently handsome racer with disappointing crashes, a sluggish career structure and a sort of middle-range identity that is neither an arcade racer as a simulation fully convinced, what a shame. "

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