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Sorting the Sunday Pile: Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger injuries could drastically change the 2019 NFL season

Time is always fleeting in the NFL. The inevitability of a team like the Patriots continues for over a decade or more, but most teams, including those with franchise quarterbacks, are constantly struggling with short Super Bowl windows. When it comes to the last years of a Hall of Fame career, the years are all the more valuable. For this reason, after the potential worst-case scenarios of Sunday, the Steelers and Saints should panic.

In reality, both teams looked at the sideline in the form of a bullet-carrying start quarterback. Each of them has an injury that could drastically change the power structure of the entire NFL.

Ben Roethlisberger's injury seemed to come from nowhere ̵

1; he had played around with his arm and elbow in a kind of al-czervik style throughout the game. Apparently he had had a little tenderness all week. And sometime in the first half he suffered a "non-contact injury" on his elbow.

If he were a pitcher, you would wait to hear the phrase "Visit to Dr. James Andrews" with the way he gripped his elbow in pain. Big Ben returned to the sideline pretty fast and it seemed like everything was alright. It was not like that. Mason Rudolph was warmed up, took over the leadership of the Steelers and spent the entire second half under control. There was no time to consider bringing in Roethlisberger.

Rudolph, in fact, spoke quite well – throwing an early intercept, albeit one that is entirely due to the two rocks attached to Donte Moncrief's wrists – but it's beside the fact. If there is something wrong with Roethlisberger, the Steelers' hopes of a deep playoff run could vanish. Asked after the game if Big Ben would have an MRI, Mike Tomlin simply said Ben was "evaluated." He was not surprisingly guarded. Look, I do not want to speculate about what might be wrong with Roethlisberger because a) I'm not a doctor and b) it's extremely early in an absolutely fluent situation.

But it's hard not to compare to what Bill's quarterback Josh Allen treated during the 2018 season. Allen was struggling in mid-October Allen was struggling with an injury to his ulnar collateral ligament that, according to the layman, is a bundle of tissue connecting your upper arm to your forearm. UCL injuries are most common in athletes who are likely to throw overboard. Allen was able to recover from the injury and miss five games before returning to Bills & # 39; Bye Week. He played the track very well, though he largely relied on his legs to produce. He is also much younger than Ben; they are not apples and oranges, but the hypothetical fruits in question are at least not identical.

The Steelers are now 0-2 and desperate. They should be; They play the 49ers in San Francisco in week 3, the Bengals in week 4, the Ravens in week 5, and the Chargers in week 6 before meeting again in week 7. If they had stacked some victories early, Rudolph might be able to to keep her afloat. If Ben is gone for five weeks, the quarterback must win some games in the second year. Pittsburgh was a Super Bowl contender before the season. If Roethlisberger fails for a long time, they could fight for the last place in the AFC North. It would open up a playoff spot for someone else and possibly help the ravens make a move to the # 1 overall seed if Lamar Jackson continues to play well. Big Ben's absence over a month would be seismic.

The violation of races is equally – if not even more – worrying and quite similar. Brees was hit in his hand by Aaron Donald when the Rams defense shot into his pocket after Brees had hit him.


via NFL broadcast

Immediately after the hit, the doctors put a test to Bree's hand to see if he had picked up the UCL. This is an important red flag.


via NFL broadcast

Humans also have an UCL in their hands; This connects your thumb and forefinger. And it's possible that Bree's injury also had his UCL in his hand. Certainly, the clip / splint / sheath he wore indicates that it might be a ligament injury.

Brees will visit a hand specialist in Los Angeles. The Saints fly to Seattle to play against the Seahawks next week, and their star quarterback will stay behind to see a doctor. Brees told NFL Media's Omar Ruiz, "We'll see," as far as the injury is concerned – not a great affirmation! – and stated that in his career, it has never been more difficult for him to play football than after Donald's goal. It was seen that Brees picked up a football with obvious pain and immediately dropped it again after the injury had occurred. Brees simply can not "stand it" on the pitch – he may not be physically able to grab and throw the ball over a long period of time. It is not the type of injury that is gradually improving or that you can handle. Losing his grip could make Brees more prone to fumbling and it could be his accuracy to fall off a cliff.

Brees said the injury "felt a bit more significant" and used the word "concerned" when talking about the injury. We should all approach each other as well: This is an important red flag for the season of the saints. They lost in LA against a good Rams team. happens. But now they are going to Seattle to face a very difficult matchup. After that it will not be easier. The Saints receive the Cowboys in Week 4, play the Buccaneers in Week 5 at home, and then take the Jaguars and Bears to the streets in Weeks 6 and 7. A home game against the Cardinals in week 8 completes their schedule before leaving. These are four very difficult defensive fights for Teddy Bridgewater when he has to take over for a long time.

The Saints, after a very useful week 1, could switch from clear division favorites to a team in serious trouble, depending on how long Brees fails. Carolina at 0-2 is suddenly alive. The Buccaneers win the division with Brees? Not so crazy. The effects of NFC sowing are also enormous.

Life is moving fast, and it could even go faster for a pair of teams who had introduced themselves as Super Bowl competitors less than two weeks ago.

The story of the dolphins is in sight? The Cowboys, a club that defeated the saints 3: 0 in Week 4. Sorry. The Cowboys are 2-0, but only for a period of seven days until they greet the Dolphins in Dallas. It's an NFL game, so anything can happen, but this game should be superficial, given how the fins played in the first two weeks of the season.

In the first two home games of the year, Miami lost 59-10 to the Ravens and 43-0 to the Patriots, the latter in a Sunday game that contained two noteworthy things. First, Antonio Brown played for the Patriots, and he played very well. The NFL is to interview Brown, possibly Brown's cousin and Brown's prosecutor, in a lawsuit filed last week against the broader receiver accusing of sexual assault and rape . The result of this investigation is TBD, but from a strict football perspective, Brown only charges an already stacked patriot team. He seemed to be taking goals from Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman, but was very effective at minimal work. Brown got four of the eight passes and scored a touchdown.

The other factor in the game? Bill Belichick did not let Brian Flores go. Part of it was the defense of the Patriots, who recorded several pickaxes in the second half – that's not something you can control. Part of me wonders if it was not as much Belichick as the dolphins, which historically were bad. Miami is tied for the third worst point differential to start a season in NFL history. Only the 1923 Rochester Jeffersons (-116) and the 1961 Oakland Raiders (-99) were worse. The saints of 1973 also started with a negative 92-point difference. The 23er Jeffersons? What a bunch of lollipops!

However, because the dolphins are terrible, Las Vegas has been put in a strange position. They could not secure themselves in week 2 as a 18.5-point home dog against the Patriots. As such, the Dolphins are the Dallas cowboys formidable 20.5-point outsiders. That's a ridiculous figure – according to the Pro Football Reference database (which dates back to 1978 and includes points), since the merger, there are only 11 teams that are inferior with 20 or more points. Bad News for the Dolphins: None of these teams has won. Good news: These teams are 9-2 against the spread!

Maybe the dolphins can cover? It seems unlikely that they will win. Dak Prescott – highlighted last week as a guy who deserves a big job – put together another outstanding performance against the Redskins. He's had seven touchdowns so far this year and just eleven incompletes. In Kellen Moore's offense, he really looks very, very well. He goes back to the Amari Cooper trade around the time Dak says things are starting to click for him, and he has 11 games under his belt. And its numbers are astonishing:

Week 9, 2018 to Week 2, 2019 279 382 73% 285.6 8.2 21 5 [19659035] These are MVP caliber numbers, people. Join in the sequel, um, fitness of Ezekiel Elliott and the development of various weapons, and the Cowboys look like they're a Super Bowl caliber team. It's early and they have not played anybody yet, but they only have to play the Dolphins this week.

Miami seems to be waiting for the reunion in Week 5 to play Josh Rosen, but does it really matter at this point? Ryan Fitzpatrick can not do it. He was 11 for 21 for 89 yards and three interceptions on Sunday. Why is he playing? It is fair to ask if the dolphins know what they are doing if they are unwilling to scrutinize roses over a whole season. He has to play for the organization to rate him.

It could happen this week because Fitzmagic was so bad, but throwing roses in Dallas to the wolves is a difficult road. Maybe we'll throw him in at half-time. Even for the dolphins, life will not get easier this week as they try to trade with Minkah Fitzpatrick (everyone has recognized that) and may also be ready to move the Kenyan Drake.

The Westgate has released a prop bet on Sunday afternoon whether the Dolphins would go 0-16. Yes, it was +350, which is just ridiculous. (No is -450, so you would need to bet $ 450 to win $ 100 if you win a game.) After the Brown trade, the Pats were obviously the favorite at 4-1 to win the Super Bowl. That should tell you how likely it is that it really happens.

We'll probably look back on this early start and laugh when they make two wins later in the year, but the Dolphins currently see themselves as a historically bad team and Vegas treats them as such.

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