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Soulcalibur VI Report – Fighting Prescription

Soulcalibur has not changed much, which is fine. The latest entry in Bandai Namco's weapon-based fighting game Soulcalibur VI will be released on October 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

I was playing the Xbox One version, and I've had an experience that is not anything other than what I had with the original Soulcalibur that came out in 1999 for the Dreamcast. Soulcalibur VI is pretty, yes, but it's even more accessible. When I start playing many new fighting games, I often spend hours searching for movement lists and learning combinations. Soulcalibur is easier. Sure, there is depth, and with practice you can become a much better player. But you can play Soulcalibur with just about anyone (Button-Mashers are welcome) and have a good time explaining half-an-hour without line input.

But like so many of the weapons in Soulcalibur VI, the familiarity is double-edged.

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What you'll like

Simple and satisfying 3D fights

Fights in Soulcalibur VI have a big river and you only need a few buttons. You have horizontal attacks, vertical attacks and kicks. You can perform simple combos by repeatedly repeating horizontal or vertical beats. It's easy to understand. And while each character has a different weapon and feel, they work under the same basic frame. This means that you do not have to focus so much on mastering a single character. You can play around with the entire roster, and as long as you master the basics well, you can still play well.

Aside from the basic attacks, you can push multiple buttons at once to grab things like an opponent or pull harder (but slower). And since Soulcalibur is a 3D fighter, positioning is important. You can dodge attacks and even manipulate your opponent to the limits of a level and defeat them with a ring.

As long as you're not playing against seasoned veterans, you can get along well in Soulcalibur VI just because you understand the timing. You learn the fight flow, when to attack and when to defend.

  He fights for his friends.

Above: He fights for his friends.

Source: Bandai Namco [19659013] Lots of Single Player Options

Fighting games are inherently a multiplayer affair, but Soulcalibur VI gives solo players plenty to do. Libra of Soul Mode lets you create your own character and explore a world map to move you along the story and fight enemies as you race through some basic RPG mechanics. It is similar to previous Soulcalibur features such as Soulcalibur 2's Weapon Master mode.

The Soul Chronicle mode displays the story content for each character on the list, with bouts peppered between all the dialogues. The narrative presents itself more as a visual novel than a series of cutscenes, as you've seen in fighters like Injustice. But these modes have a lot of history, and it's fun for fans of the franchise to learn so much about these characters.

Arcade mode is a bit disappointing. You fight a number of computer-controlled enemies, but you have no content here. Not even an introduction or an end to your character. You do not even fight a special boss for the last fight. The arcade mode is missing, but the Soul Chronicle Mode fills this need for character-specific stories.

Above: It's Like a Beautiful Soulcalibur I.


The last entry in the series, Soulcalibur V, took the series one generation into the future and focused on many new characters. Today I could not name any of their names. Soulcalibur VI goes the other way. It is a retelling of the first Soulcalibur, complete with most of the original cast and only a few newcomers.

My best memories of the franchise include Soulcalibur and Soulcalibur II, so I enjoy this focus on the classic elements of the franchise


Soulcalibur is known for featuring such guest characters as "The Legend of Zeldas Link "or Star Wars" Darth Vader "add. Soulcalibur VI gives us Geralt, the hero of The Witcher Franchise.

Geralt goes well with Soulcalibur. The Witcher is also a medieval fantasy series, and Geralt's use of swords and magic blends seamlessly into the rest of the cast.

  Geralt brings the heat.

Above: Geralt brings the heat.

Image titled Kotaku

What you will not like

Lame DLC

It's common for downloadable characters to be sold on fighting games, but it's very hard to see a game at the same time Day is offered as the game. Tira is an interesting character who fights with a circular blade, but you have to pay extra to unlock it. It's disgusting to finish content that is not part of the main game.

It is familiar

I have already mentioned how Soulcalibur VI can be nostalgic, but that is also a problem. In many ways, this game does not feel much different from what I played almost 20 years ago. Sure, what I played 20 years ago was great, but I wonder if more can be done to freshen up the series.

The only big addition to combat is the Reversal Edge System, a move that can counteract an opponent's attack and then start a kind of paper-scissors-and-stone game. Basically, you press one random button at a time, and then see who suffers an attack. It's not a negative addition, but it does not add much either.

  The cast has a diverse arsenal of weapons.

Above: The cast has a diverse arsenal of weapons.

Photo credit: Bandai Namco


If you've ever been a fan of the series, Soulcalibur VI will feel familiar and funny. And even if you're new to the franchise, the relative simplicity of Soulcalibur's mechanics will make it easier to learn and play.

Despite the return to the beginning, Soulcalibur VI is not a reboot. It does not add any significant mechanical changes. If I was a cynical and lazy person, I could have written that review in one sentence: Yup, it's Soulcalibur

But I also like Soulcalibur, so I'm not going to complain too much.

Score: 83/100

Soulcalibur VI will be released October 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Bandai Namco sent us a code for the Xbox One version for this review.

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