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Source: Harper praised Posey during a long session on Monday

SAN FRANCISCO – Bruce Bochy was sitting in a room with Bryce Harper earlier this week, but when he sits down in his office at Scottsdale Stadium next week, it does not matter.

There may be a stunner in the next few days, but chances are good that Harper's decision will be lengthened, meaning that Bochy's giants will come into the field for the first time with an inexperienced but talented group of field players. Until otherwise stated, Bochy said his plan was to prepare this group for the season and assume that he would have to select three younger outfield players as starters.

"You have to assume that this is the club until things change," Bochy said. "That's how you have to go about it. You can not assume that anything will happen. Sure, there is a pretty good possibility, but hey, this is the team I have, and this is a team we will prepare for the season.

Farhan Zaidi still hopes to help. That could come in the form of Harper, and this persecution is certainly serious. But there are still other free-agent field players and the trading market is booming.

Zaidi said after the offseason that he hopes to add two experienced outfield players to the squad. He did not give up this Friday.

"I would still say that we are looking for several supplements," he said.

That does not mean that he is not satisfied with his current harvest. The Giants have five outfielders in their 40-man squad: Steven Duggar, Chris Shaw, Austin Slater, Mac Williamson, and Drew Ferguson, their vote for Rule 5.

"A guy like Drew Ferguson, we feel good with him, and we want to make sure that he has the opportunity to form the team and has the opportunity to gain some time, "Zaidi said. "Since Mac Williamson has no options, it's important to us that he has a way to show off the opening day roster with something of what he showed last year before he was injured."

Not much room Both must make the opening day for the Giants to ensure that they keep their rights, and the way seems particularly wide open for Williamson, who had a huge spring in April last year and the biggest threat For a big league week earlier, a concussion had destroyed his season.

Williamson continued his work with Instructor Doug Latta during the off season, and he was pleased with the opportunity. He is just as excited about the joint opportunity that exists there for the four home field players.

"Look, I've played with Slater and Duggar and Shaw in recent years, it's easy to copy people off, but I think it's one of the situations where some good players were nobody until they got someone were, "said Williamson. "Chris Shaw was not drafted for no reason in the first round, Slater has not been in the big league for a reason in recent years, Duggar is one of the best field players I've ever played with.

" We all have a lot brought along. Much more than many people think. At the end of the day, it's not about impressing people, we're trying to help the team win. Whether they get more people or not, we will prepare for it. "

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It is possible that the left or right fielder will only enter the clubhouse on the opening day. The dust settled in March, and there were certainly no signs of imminent footsteps on Friday, when the team gathered for the first time in 2019.

A few days later, Williamson, Duggar, Slater, Shaw, and Ferguson will be in Phoenix "I firmly believe that each one of us can make a big contribution to the team," said Williamson, "and I'm trying to seize the opportunity that is still there after one of the quietest offseasons in MLB history." "Be much more than just roleplaying."

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