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South Africa closes embassy in Nigeria after xenophobic violence

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Media Title Companies were destroyed in the attacks.

South Africa temporarily ceased its diplomatic missions in Nigeria after Nigerians cracked down on xenophobic violence in South Africa

Between Sunday and Wednesday, mobs plundered and destroyed stores in the South African commercial center of Johannesburg, many of which were foreign-owned.

The Nigerian government condemned the violence pronounced.

South Africa's foreigner minister called it an embarrassment for their country.

"Our government deplores any violence against foreign-owned businesses or Africans from other countries residing in South Africa," the national broadcaster SABC quotes Minister Naledi Pandor. She had ordered the closure of the country's High Commission in the Nigerian capital of Abuja and her mission in Lagos after matic's threats had been issued to the diplomat, Ms. Pandor told Reuters.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, South African companies were targeted by demonstrators in several Nigerian cities. The South African telecommunications giant MTN has closed its business as a precaution.

Seven people were killed in the riots in South Africa, but none of the victims were identified as Nigerians.

Still, videos and images are shared on social media Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has sent an envoy to South Africa to "express Nigeria's displeasure at treating its citizens."

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Nigeria strengthens security in South African companies

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Geoffrey Onyeama clarified that while the government believed that Nigerian companies were affected in South Africa, they did not have any information that some of their citizens had died. Emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art … = 157 & lang = DE This is not the case, "he told journalists.

He also called on people to stop attacks on South African companies in Nigeria, saying that the president was "particularly upset about the vandalism".

To help Nigerians who might want to leave South Africa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offered them a free home flight.

"Wake Up, South Africa!"

Violence in Johannesburg, two of Nigeria's best musicians, Burna Boy and Tiwa Savage, announced that they are boycotting South Africa.

Burna Boy vowed never to go back to South Africa until the government "wakes up".

Savage retired O For a concert she wanted to give in September in South Africa to condemn "the barbaric slaughter of my people".

The singer later clarified that "my people" could be any African person.

"No Justification"

On Tuesday, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa condemned the wave of looting and violence.

"It can not be a justification for a South African to attack people from other countries," he said.

Police in South Africa said the violence has eased and nearly 300 people were arrested in connection with the riots.

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