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South Africa sends someone to prison because he is racist

NAIROBI – For the first time in South African history, a court on Wednesday sentenced a white woman to a jail sentence for racist comments, a verdict that has given hope that racism allegations are being treated more seriously.

Vicki Momberg was sentenced to up to three years' imprisonment for an incident that took place in Johannesburg in February 2016, when she was filmed calling the black police officers who responded to her call from a reported robbery case. derogatory commented. She was convicted last November in four cases of "crimen injuria" or racially insulted language.

Momberg is in the viral video as he talks to someone on the phone about the police officers. She referred to her as "Kaffire", an insulting and derogatory term for black South Africans used during apartheid that in recent years has tried to criminalize along with other forms of hate speech.

"The kaffirs here in Joberg are terrible," said Momberg. "I'm so tired of it, that's me."

At some point an officer approached them. While she was trying to talk to Momberg, she yelled, "I do not care, I do not like a single black in Joberg."

Momberg then commented on the difference between black South Africans in Johannesburg and Durban, claiming that the former Group "obstinate, they are arrogant, and they are just and simply useless."

She went on to say to the officer, "I am happy that a white person assists me, or a colored person or an Indian Person, I do not want a black person to help me. "

The exchange lasted several minutes ̵

1; and the clip aired on the South African news channel Eyewitness News seems to have been edited occasionally – reaching a climax when Momberg threatened to run Black people with their car and shoot them.

"If I see a kaffir, I will drive it," she said. "I have a gun, I will shoot anyone."

During her trial last year, prosecutor Baba Yusuf told the court that Momberg, a real estate agent, was charged with a similar crime in Durban in 2006, in a police station she said she wanted only white, colored or Indian Supported by people, but not by blacks, a remark that was almost identical to the one she had done in 2016

Momberg's lawyer tried to explain her psychological state – after being robbed – to explain her behavior, and Momberg said in her last November that she was "intimidated" by the officers because the person who robbed her was black. But Pravina Raghoonandan, the magistrate who led the case, contradicted them both in their decision and stated that Momberg had shown no remorse for their actions.

South Africans on Twitter largely supported the condemnation, with many celebrating it as a step in the right direction to fight deep-seated racism in the country.

The South African Minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa, tweeted that the sentence "dissuasive" would affect others.
[19659004] Some questioned whether court judgments were sufficient for a change, while others suggested other forms of punishment.

Momberg was denied a bail shortly after her conviction. Her three-year prison sentence is suspended for one year on the condition that she does not commit the crime again.

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