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11 arrested after shootings with Gauteng police

Eleven alleged criminal gang members were arrested after two separate shootings with the police.

On Friday, the police tracked a planned business robbery in Olifantsfontein and intercepted two suspicious vehicles.

As officials approached the vehicles, the suspects jumped out and opened the fire. The officers fired back and wounded three suspects.

PICS | The N2 in Cape Town was closed after a shootout with policemen.

They are under police surveillance at the Tembisa hospital.

A police officer injured in detention The shooting was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Stolen BMW

One of the vehicles of the suspects, a Mercedes Benz, was stolen in Edenvale. Two firearms were confiscated at the scene.

In another incident, Winterveldt police responded to a raid at a local supermarket and spotted a BMW driving away from the scene.

The suspects fired several shots at the police, whereupon they returned fire. Five suspects were arrested and two fled on foot. The BMW was found stolen.

The suspects are charged with attempted murder, robbery, deliberate property damage and possession of a suspected stolen vehicle, confirmed police spokesman Colonel Lungelo Dlamini In Brixton, 3,500 Mandrax tablets, 7.2 kg dagga, 9 mm 45-sharp pistol Ammunition and more than 3 000 Rand cash found

A suspect who tried to bribe the police is charged with drug trafficking and possession of an unlicensed firearm. Suspected serious and violent crime.

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