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5 Youtube alternatives that grab the public's attention

YouTube has always been the undisputed king of the online video hosting and streaming platform. It has become so popular in the marketplace that most people are hardly aware that there are alternatives. In fact, YouTube's marketing and popularity have undermined the success of many different video streaming platforms, which are in many ways better than YouTube.
Vimeo is famous for its compression algorithm, Metacafe for its diverse category of videos, Dailymotion for its high content tolerance, and Facebook for its reach. Here are the top five YouTube alternatives that deserve your attention.

According to the latest reports, Vimeo is the video streaming platform that has grown the most in the last decade after YouTube. When YouTube videos are viewed more than 1

billion times a month, Vimeo is not far behind with 170 million viewers a month. For the smaller audience it offers many advantages, including a better quality of the videos. While YouTube strives for more in quantity than in quality, Vimeo's video acceptance rules are stricter and the compression algorithm much better. So, if you upload the same video to YouTube and Vimeo, Vimeo looks much better because of the higher bitrate. Dailymotion
Dailymotion is another upcoming name among video sharing sites. With an interface similar to YouTube, Dailymotion provides 155 million unique visitors per month with a comfortable user experience and a great platform for content creators to share their artwork.
The most unique thing about Dailymotion, which sets it apart from YouTube, is the flexibility of the platform. Dailymotion allows users to access very different content so they can watch videos from anywhere without territorial restrictions.

Petey Vid
When it comes to alternatives to YouTube, I think it's a sin to ignore Petey Vid. Petey Vid is a favorite on the road to outstanding video streaming, offering its users unrivaled access to private, non-censored and non-biased video libraries from the most popular platforms. With access to more than 350 million videos from popular video platforms such as Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc., Petey Vid is a unique social video search engine that ensures privacy and security for users.

Another promising video streaming platform that has attracted more than 50 million visitors per month since its launch in 2003. The best thing about Metacafe is that it helps content creators to make money through original and high-quality content. You can receive up to $ 5 per 1,000 visits if your video has more than 20,000 views. Another easy-to-use feature of Metacafe is categorizing videos for entertainment, sports, movies, etc.

When most people only consider Facebook as a social media application for user interaction, it becomes more important Very popular as a video sharing alternative to YouTube. With a large number of users, Facebook will pose a serious threat to YouTube in the future as it introduces numerous features to optimize uploading and sharing of videos.

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