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CD Projekt Red takes Cyberpunk 2077 a unique route to the night city

Cyberpunk 2077 is on the watch list of all players for games coming out in 2020. It is evolving to bring RPG games to unprecedented heights, due in part to the game environment. This is of course Night City. The settings that you can explore with your created character V in this city are so diverse and detailed. They are exactly what you can imagine to introduce a game of this caliber in the future.

In the past, developers have seen many approaches to cyberpunk-style cities. And yet CD Projekt Red wants to take a nontraditional perspective with their designs from Night City. This becomes clear from the sunny mood that you get from the first gameplay trailer. We see the user walking through the huge city during the day. The sun is shining and it's like you're in Miami, only with much larger buildings and a ton of neon lights.

Games with traditional cyberpunk themes are generally dark and bleak. They paint a hopeless picture for the residents. This is not the case with Night City. It has a more optimistic mood that you can expect in the Grand Theft Auto series. CD Project Red appears to be interested in distinguishing Cyberpunk 2077 from games of the same genre. That's a great decision that could make this game stand out from the crowd.

The diversity of Night City includes four different visual styles from different periods. CD Projekt Red hopes that they will continue to distinguish this upcoming role-playing game. The four include entropism, kitsch, neo-militarism and neociche. Each area will have different attributes that sets it apart from the others, making Night City exploration even more entertaining.

Kitsch was a time of restored wealth, which you will notice everywhere on the extravagant objects. Neo-militarism was the rise of corporations, and in this area are the tall skyscrapers that you'll probably remember from the trailer once you've seen it. Entropism is characterized by extreme poverty. The graphics are more about practical structures than super fast ones. After all, Neocchi was a time when the rich and the poor parted even more. Interestingly enough, the rich in this region wear clothing worn by the poor.

Because of these details, Night City should be a real treat for navigation. You will see all kinds of details made with passion. Hopefully the story is just as good.

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