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Infinity Ward reveals problems that they investigate in Modern Warfare Gunfight

After weeks of waiting, a handful of teaser trailers and obvious leaks, Call of Duty fans finally got the 2v2 Gunfight Alpha on PS4 on August 22, the first action the Modern Warfare action opened for players. [19659002] Although it ends on Sunday, August 25, developers have not stopped composing new content in the form of various maps and a Battle Royale-like game mode. However, as with all changes, bug fixes and glitch fixes are required – and since it's an alpha, more problems than normal are expected.

Infinity Ward

As at the end of each day, Infinity Ward's communications manager Ashton Williams also noted the state of affairs with the alpha – the last day was focused on optimizing. "We know that this is not all the feedback you've shared in the past three days, but here are some updates on some of the issues we've seen a lot," she wrote in her Reddit update.

The order Williams has published the following problems: head disturbance, explosive, which causes damage through several surfaces, inconsistencies with penetrable surfaces (metal containers, wooden surfaces, etc.), freezing, which leads to a black screen when loading in a match, and picking up Gunfight equipment: OSP does not activate automatically when you press the square within a certain distance.

Williams's latest contribution to the issues of the Modern Warfare Gunfight alpha.

Williams states that these are not all editions While working, fans quickly pointed to other features that still needed to be worked on.

The biggest other complaint was from Hecheslevokian: "Smoke grenades can be in different positions depending on the player. Maybe you can not see a player through smoke, but he can see you through smoke. This is something that definitely needs work. "

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